When Faction Conflict Goes Hot

Technically, we helped him neutralize Lilith, but even then that goes to the point. The only block on John’s actions was self-imposed, a desire to see his ‘mission’ completed before all else.

From the Phoenicians lore:

The most favourable angle, the last man standing, prize in hand - these are their creeds.


In this amusing modern world, the other secret societies have spat and made shaky alliances against the coming dark. The Phoenicians stand outside, peering in, waiting for their paycheck. They just may have the final means to spare this planet, yet their intentions are as fleeting as the tides, and always they hunger for the golden apples of Eris. Teeth break, atoms split, and disaster follows fast and follows faster on such appetites.

Which makes me wonder, is this apparent all-out warfare actually a tactic to help defeat something greater? Marquard has got pretty big for his boots, after all. Or is their angle purely selfish in this instance leading to it all sinking down?

My take is that it’s a purely selfish angle, the Phoenicians being fatally short-sighted. See Tanis’ example in Egypt.

I’d say their promis was money. I dont think the Purple are connected with the morninglight other than having had a contract for a while. Always to the highest bidder. I think they are as likely to save all of us as the Big There, that part in their Lore suggest the same as for all four factions. Maybe just maybe they will look beyond and open their eyes to the real thread.

It’s probably not just money. One of the main throughlines with Phoenician Lore is that they’re the Black Sheep of the factions and they’re getting real ticked off by that.
So probably revenge, too.

Yet they offer us information here and there. Sure i wouldn’t put it past them to try and put a deadly stop to being pushed around by the other factions. If their work with Morninglight has anything to do with revenge, then it is a means to an end, and not because they actually agree with what the Morninglight is doing.

Didn’t say that wasn’t the case. I’m aware that things are more complicated.

I know, just building on it =P. I somehow wouldn’t be surprised either if the Phoenician turned around and became important pieces in trying to fight the bigger threat. It really could go any which way imo. As things are they are probably a bit more in the know that the rest of the factions, or at least they were until end of Tokyo.

We have seen the factions partially work together before if the threat is big enough, but preferably by elbowing each other in the ribs while doing so.

I don’t think so? but seems like it might not have been anything major, more the fact that they ain’t following their rules. The others don’t always either, but they bother to cover it up.

Lore’s rather light on what exactly the purple has been up to pre-Tokyo. There’s a few “historical” things tossed in: some stuff on the original templar/phony split (guest starring everybody’s favourite redhead), the (not yet in game) meddling with Nick’s Mana. More recently it seems that they became the “goto” for plausabile deniability, when a faction wanted to do something really dirty without actually getting any of the muck on their own hands. Which I’d imagine was a bit of a pain for the CoV, since they’d be responsible for regulating things, but all the major members would have reasons to let the purple play a bit loose with the rules.

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