When for hotfix?

So when can we expect a hotfix for the awful bugs that the 500 Bug patch introduced?

NPC Spawns
Things breaking ang disappearing

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  • poor performance and NPC ‘blinking’ teleporting
    Fish traps broken
    wells broken

A hotfix? My bet next week. Maybe late this week if they only address one or two of the above, but certainly not all that quick.

their priority is … the DLC… not fixing the game , …

i just knew it…


Typical Funcom


Do thay realy think i am going to buy anything from them when the core game is still nakerd?
Roll back the ‘mother of all screw ups’ update and fix the dam game


although i was part of the call to arms promo and i made it,. i still believe they should at least try hotfix some of the most important issues the game has., BEFORE pusshing the DLC…

DLC needs to be correctly balanced. and checked to avoid breaking more stuff… hotfixin should BE #1 priority,

the game has been broken for 3 weeks,. due to their vacation. so it does make sense they start pushing the fixes this week. before launching the DLC itself. otherwise i do not expect the dlc to do well in sales.

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Don’t forget this part please?

TESTLIVE UPDATE (target next week)
In Parallel, we are also working on getting a patch to TestLive that will address several issues currently on PC Live. We’re aiming at sometime next week for this as well.

The DLC (Armor, Weapons etc) has been prepared by the artists, while fixes are now again being worked on by the vanguard team and are not ready just yet due to the break. As amazing as they are, they can’t do miracles. Unfortunately,hunting down and fixing bugs is not as straight forward as creating new in game assets such as armor, weapons and placeables (while that is still a lot of work, though).

So we hope you understand. Thank you :slight_smile:


i understand that part. however you got some of those issues already fixed internally , maybe some of them could make in the form of a hotfix? its all about signals… and having the least complicated bugs fixed asap will give a very positive signal, (some small bugs are annoying such as the starmetal one , the wells not filling up etc…) i can understand purge bugs are complicated and need testing and time, same for the AI … but some could be easily fixed, the model of having multiple hotfixes , instead of big ones is les prone to issues. so i do advice you go hotfixing the bugs. instead of trying to fix all in one big patch.

i understand the more complex ones needs time. and we will wait.

and tascha please if you have time do check the post we got about the 1930 server. the lack of official response , despite promises of doing something and never happening its getting annoying … if you guys cant do anything, please help us by allowing building destruction for a few hours, so we can take care of the problem. we have a really nice server, with really nice people and a rotten apple inside, we could take care of that ourselves if given the option to have building destruction for a few hours. whole server will come in. to just open the blocked areas, and take care of those bad apples.

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We just want to make sure we have time to test properly and not introduce more bugs, as we feel there is always room for improvement in the patching and testing area.

So, while I understand it’s frustrating to wait for fixes, we just really want to take the time to test properly.
Also, we are still playing catch up with the forums so I will get back to the other threads asap.


understood tascha.

thanks for your quick response.

we are anxiously waiting for the aquilonian DLC.!

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You’re very welcome :slight_smile:


Sad to see that such a good game is abandoned by players. Players get stressed and tired of the errors in the game and they get bored of it.
Why do you make a game where it’s so easy that everything you build and work for gets broken? People get tired of it! Fix the issues and add exciting and fun stuff in the game and let it be easyer to injoy ! When its becoming more stressful than fun you lose players!

Fix the stupid errors, non responding thralls and the purge! And thers way too much grinding in the game! Do you even play the game yourself at Funcom ???

It pains me that you ruin youre own game! Its a big shame that such an awesome game with such awesone features are wasted like this! It seems to me like you on Funcom are incompetent or do you lak passion for youre own game??? Comon Funcom, just fix it!!


Wow ya’ll are really putting out the DLC before any bug fixes? My server has been empty for a month since the last patch broke things. (ie. Thrall ai, place able stations with named thralls disappearing, storage disappearing, etc.)

Up until Funcom pushed out the big release patch in April things on the PC side were very good aside from the AI, since that time server stability, and the bugs have made this game a dogs breakfast and it has not been a good experience at all.

Will the new DLC look great? I’m sure it will because the art and design team is amazing but I fail to see why Funcom should be further supported when we are now a full quarter after release and the game is now in worse shape as relates to the bugs than it was prior to release. I want to be convinced Funcom will fix Conan Exiles, otherwise I might as well write CE and Funcom off, that would save me a lot of money.


I only have one plea, take your time!
We had your try with the mother of all patches and a rushed testing event prior it and it didn’t work. Don’t do that again. Take as many staff as you can for this, but just take your time and do it right!


So if I am reading this right… no bug fixing on the MOAP mess for approximately 2 weeks in the meantime a new DLC release will happen prior to stabilizing the bugs?

How well tested was the new DLC to make sure it does not burden the deficit on bugs currently within the game by adding more?


Gee… A patch that was planned for a while, been worked on and scheduled since before the break, comes out before a fix for bugs that the company has had next to no time to research…

Sounds right and perfectly expected to me. They can’t instantly fix bugs.

Instantly? What about time the game was in development, plus all the time spent on the last “500 bug patch” that was supposed to address so many issues. I think my “expectations” may be higher than yours.

Since I expect the final product to be better than the early access product, I expect that a game that has been out of early access and released as a finished product for three months not to have the many severe bugs that it has, obviously you feel different.

LOL I have over 1200 hours played and I hate neither the game nor the developers and wish both to be wildly successful. That said, I won’t pretend to excuse serious shortcomings with the development or marketing of a game I happen to love and be a fan of.


Problem is that you are trying to fix so many things at once to other things get broken. There are bugs you can fix in 2 minutes and don’t even need testing. Just take the well/fish trap bug that is a spelling error, there is mods that have fixed this. And there is a few other bugs with similar problems.

Why do we need to wait so long for easy fixes like that to handled properly and not bundled in to some larger patch.


More updates about everything BUT fixing their fiasco of a 500 bug patch. Do they not listen or care?