When I tell you that there is something weird about the moon

When I tell you that there is something weird about the moon …
As a reminder, this moment takes place during the main quest, and it was during the day (I entered the cave at 11am)
Off, we can very clearly see the reflection of the moon in the water, while the lighting is obviously produced by the sun (everywhere else in the game, the lunar rays are in shades of blue).


Another weird moon in Darkness Wars (boss 6, as seen by varangian’s buff), when the fog lifted for a minute:

It’s glowing in the middle because the sun is in the same place???


Besides, the world is infested with Sun Cults (The Morninglight, Sol Invictus, Cult of Aten and the Black Sun). On some maps we might even notice several suns at the same time.
But the rare time we’re in a dimension ruled by the moon, it’s the second time we visit the Dreamers.


What if the moon was not really a “moon”?
The tree is the heart of Agartha. It grew before the First Age, branches and roots burrowing into all possibilities. The tree is the divine bio-tech computer, and Gaia is the immaculate machine.
But … She was not the first Immaculate Machine.

Before the First Age, there was another Immaculate Machine.

Maybe the moon was only an earlier version of Gaia?

It is know that in the First Age, the Host had become divided over how to manage the world that they had apparently created, ultimately resolving into two warring camps: the Grigori and the Nephilim. The Nephilim sought to rule their creation and harness its power by any means available to them, while the Grigori merely wished to maintain and safeguard it.

But where does the Host come from? Before the first age …
Would not they just be the survivors of a previous cycle? Previous Gaia?
Has the moon … appeared before or after “our” Gaia?

“Our” Gaia is dying, and Lilith seems convinced that it is possible to create another one.
Lilith, one of the first humans, probably knows how was created Gaia. Or at least she has a little idea.
If Samael is one of the survivors of a previous Gaia, it could explain a lot of things.

Maybe the moon was only an earlier version of Gaia?


Oh yeah, another moon note… in the Eidolon instance (sadly not yet in SWL, TSW exclusive) the moon seems… closer.


Look @Bozkoal someone else have a similar theory about the moon :

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All this theory crafting, and nobody has commented that the moon is upside down.


That’s because our planet is round :earth_africa: :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:
In theory it should help us locate ourselves from the North and the South hemisphere
(If devs bothered with that lvl of details)

The Isle of Stillborn Stars (which is the name of the island where the Eidolon is) is in the Southern Hemisphere, west of Chile nearish to where Ry’leah should be. Other than South Africa, no place in TSW/SWL is in the south (El Dorado is close, but just north of the equator), so if the devs had any attention to detail (and the original TSW devs did) then it will appear “upside down” to most of us in those two places. Hmm. Time to go check out New Dawn again.

Now I’m confused, the moon’s always been that way up for me. (with the bright white crater near its southern pole)

Well, we do make a brief visit to the Antarctic (whish is very much south of the equator), but I do not remember if we see any moon there.

You mean in the Dreamer’s sequences? The moon is there… exploded. There’s a screenshot of that up the thread.

But have we worked out which way up it was when it exploded? :stuck_out_tongue:

Not in your picture- but in Kingsmouth, Savage Coast, Blue Mountain and Darkness War it is upside down with that bright white crater(Tycho) at the top.

The moon is correct in South Africa.

(Seems I can’t attach or link images, but you can easily google it.)

My theory about the moon is that if the Earth is the materialization of the Tree of Life (Hollow Earth/Agartha/etc), the Moon is probably the materialization of the Tree of Knowledge which has been out ouf reach of Humanity when we have been banned of the Paradize (1st age).

The Tree of knowledge is generaly related with the idea that Humanity gained access to Conscious (“Oh we are naked”, good/evil, free will, etc) but also to uncouscious, what Carl Jung called the Shadow (the unknow part of ourself) and the Archetypes (archaic patterns and images shares by all Humans

What is interesting with Jung’s Archetypes is that they can bee seen as kind of “gods” whispering in our mind though our inscouscious like… dreamers would do. (The Jung quest is about exploring our “communal memory” (in order to confront our Shadow) which is supposed to be an inner place structured by Archetypes)

So I tend to think that the moon in the “real world” is strongly connected to Dreamers that’s why :

  • The Prometheus project is compared to “Harvest the hidden face of the moon” (SD)
  • Dreamers have “Idly tongue craters in moons, dreaming of bigger feast”
  • There is a moon above Marquard’s house (I suspect that it could be Marquard watching us since he wants to become a Dreamer)
  • During cat god quest (TSW Halloween event, not sure if it has been released in SWL), the moon is bigger and bigger in the course of the dreamers’ Ritual
  • Moon is destroyed in the dreaming prison (the place contains references to ■■■■ esoterism (the Black Sun (on the Prison Entrance) is a NeoNazi symbol) which believed that previous ages has been ended by moons falls (the Glazial-Kosmogonie))
  • Lilith & Samael are connected to the moon (Lilith cult is named the Black Moon (not sure of the exact name, I need to check the Deathless buff in BF) - & Samael’s lastname is Chandra, a moon deity in Hinduism)
  • etc etc
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The last point but maybe the most important one, when you enter in the Dreaming Prison at the end of Solomon Island, you can trigger the Dreamer voice when you look at the moon above the Admundsen base. This point suggests that dreamers are strongly connected to moon(s)

PS : Sorry, it’s too old (TSW…), I don’t remember what they say when you look at the moon (probably something like “Go through the gate”, etc)

I have three lines for looking up at the moon in the Dreaming Prison.

“As your moon reflects your sun, so will you reflect our light into the waking world.” - Directly above Amundsen’s camp

“You see beyond (the?) darkness, beyond the stars, where we were born. Follow us, and we will lead you past the dark places, into the light.” - Before you enter the gate

“Don’t let false lights deceive you. Follow our voices, we will lead you to salvation, to glory.” - Before the big room with the memories

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Thanks !

The most interesting sentence is probably “As your moon reflects your sun, so will you reflect our light into the waking world.”

I tend to think that they propose to be part of the next “moon” of the next age = part of the Jung Archetypes of the next age (which will whisper to humans of the next age)