When is 2.3 going live?

Don’t be an idiot. There is nothing wrong with using AMD.

no, but yours is kinda ancient, even AMD EOL’ed it and unlike intel they provide long lasting support to their products
backward compatibility for legacy hardware is pure goodwill and you can’t expect it to be priority

Their drivers burn your cards by stopping the fans. They practice planned obsolescence just like apple, just out to get your money. AMD support is a joke.
Talking from experience, I had 1 video card burn after 1 year or use, second card burn after 6 month, both right after driver updates. Now i have nvidia video card for more than 4 years and still going strong.

Edit: The card I have that is 4 years old is an AMP 1060 from Zotac. I bought it in 2016 when it first came out. It’s made with military grade materials which explains the long durability. It’s not being produced anymore sadly. And I still play conan on ultra settings with it.

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you obviously misunderstood (and/or I did not taken into account that support may be understood differently) it means they don’t EOL for years and manufacture product ( a GPU chip in this case) plus actively develop drivers, now that said AMD is a tech developer (or vendor), not ODM, if you bought GPU from Zotac it’s Zotac’s product and it’s on their side how firmware works, furthermore you should be aware that term “military grade” is a marketing one and does not reflect on actual components used

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Some mil grade products only have to live 60 seconds…


Being someone who worked in smt and electrinic production, it is a real thing. It just means it has specific specs for quality, but not necessarily the best all the time. So tinfoil will say it is for Mark up on price. But again I have had to grade out stuff in KY job, so it is more inspected, thus the extra labor causing cost bump.

Military Grade? I’ve seen HMMWV’s break down after 800 miles on the odometer only ever driving on flat paved roads. Maybe it was bad PMCS on someone’s part… but I dunno.

Mil spec is the common denominator for interchangeable parts in the military. Mil specs exist to create interchangeability between manufacturers. So long as an item conforms to a mil spec, it should be exactly like every other item with that spec.
It has nothing to do with better quality per se. Of course companies use “military grade” to sale their products, it’s an easy falsehood. These are just marketing tricks that everyone uses.

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Like PVP and Raid by funcom lol.

Anytime a manufacturer has to follow more exact specs, it gets a better quality check. People mistake quality with how good something is. Being from a mfg background, quality is tied to following specs more than performance. Thus military grade has a higher quality standard because it verified in house at a more micro scale. But i understand the confusion, as before my career i though quality only meant good/better as well.

with retail ODMs it only means that process they manufacture this product has been called that, be it ultra durable, military grade or whatever marketing team cooked up, as you say it has some actual underlay in components used etc, like using only chemi-con condensers or adding more copper to pcb layer this sort of things, it’s not a bad thing, my point is that naming convention relating to military is very confusing, it has nothing to do with how actual military grade equipment is designed and manufactured, nor it meets any actual standards, even if they try harder and use actual norm name, you may encounter products advertised as compliant with norm MIL-STD-810 which is again, complete bull, as norm itself has parameters that were not ever disclosed, so if you set shock resistance parameters to “fall from carpet to floor” and you device passes with flying colours it is compliant

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