When is 2.4 scheduled

new lands when is it

Really? 2.3 dropped yesterday. Give them some time to put out the post-patch fires at least.


If I had to guess, it would be in the summer.

Well, 2.2 official dropped to live servers on January 6, 2021. Given that 2.3 dropped today on March 17, that’s 10 weeks. But given that this patch has caused some unexpected AI pathing issues and a lack of AI combat skills, they’ll need some time to fix those.

So, I’d guess we’re easily looking at June at the earliest for a 2.4 release.

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new version is not the most needed. fixing more bugs is needed.

As much I would support your times, I think we are with another problem, based on what we heard in the screen, 2.4 patch and land masses and changes are already in the works.

And they need to launch siptah out of early access to make some money other wise how are they going to maintain the development of the game?

Regardless of the problems I see with their development , anyone still playing regularly shoukd support them with the wallet, it’s the only way to keep the game going after all they are a business.

It seems reasonable to assume 2.3 patch was already in the works when they released 2.2, that’s pretty normal for software.

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yup., the point i was tryiong to make is that they NEED to launch it too, the development of the game must be profitable, and its been a while since they got money injected their way.


Oh, now I get it, you’re saying that it might come out even earlier than Bodin estimated. Sorry, I misunderstood.


Quarterly revenue is a pretty big priority, so if they go a quarter with no big revenue bumps (DLCs), they really need to have one the following quarter. I don’t think they have had a game or DLC release since the Siptah EA in Q3 of 2020 and before that it was Argos DLC in Q2 2020. ChopChop has been pushed back on release dates and last I read, was supposed to be early 2021, so since there wasn’t a revenue bump in Q4 2020, I would not be surprised if they managed to pop it out in the next couple weeks.

If there is a major hold up on ChopChop, then the CE team is going to have to come through with the 2.4 expansion and full release next quarter… “have to” is maybe not right, but I am sure whips will be a crackin on the back of the dev team to move it as fast as possible.

I’ll make the prediction that if Chop Chop hits this quarter or next, then 2.4 will come late summer. If ChopChop delays even longer, then 2.4 will get rushed out by the end of July and possibly not spend more than 1 week on testlive.

Edit: That my my long way of saying I completely agree with you.

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