When is a T4 Not a T4?

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Folks, if you have T4 fighters from the 5 band grid or below, do not be surprised when they are slaughtered in a purge in the 8 level and beyond.

T4 fighters area great for defense, as long as they are from the 8 band or are Treasure Seekers from the Unnamed city or the Wine Cellar dungeon in Sepermaru. T4 named fighter, including Thurga, will get their butts kicked in the 8 band or above.

Take the time to get some real defenders or watch your bases be decimated in purges.

This has been a public service announcement in response to the innumerable posts i have seen where folks were shocked the Cruaidh the Crusher and had severe performance anxiety in mid to high level purges.

Location matters, not only in real estate, but in T4 class fighter thrall capture.


“The wiki is your friend. As is your fellow forum mates”

This was posted on an Ark forum that I was on a long time ago, and still rings true. Survival games delight in not telling the players jack squat. However, we are here for you on the forums, and I always recommend that you take a look at the wiki, take a look at multipliers, HP, stats, and everything else to decide who you bring home to meet the family. If you have questions, we got your back.


Well said.

I don’t mean to appear to discount your findings, I just wanted to point out there are sometimes exceptions.

Until my recent decline and departure from from 1876 where Barnes and I played.
I had a Frigga Falsehope she’s from Sinners Refuge upper line 4 just below line 5.

My good friend @Barnes and I were discussing thralls one day a few weeks ago, because I had a Tier 3 Bearer with 13k HP at 20, RNG was good to Frigga as well and at 20 she had more HP than most Beastmaster Teimos.

As a former PVPer I never relied on Thralls against a purge, or other players for that matter.

But Frigga was a wonderful tank in the nameless city. She just didn’t hit very hard. She could however hold agro which is what an archer like myself wants. I replaced her with a Dalinisa who also had good numbers but she is moot for this discussion having come from the mounds.

I’ve always been lucky in thrall RNG I nearly never get a bad bounce.

This last round of play it was the animals that really disappointed, even the Sabercats were rubbish.


Wow. I have had zero luck with the RNG of thralls of her class.

But, I suppose, that is RNG for you.

Information is information, and when your contradicts mine, that’s not a bad thing.


Frigga Falsehope is properly named, providing false hopes. She has a melee multiplier of 1.3 compared to Beastmaster Teimos at 2.08 (Cannibal Brute has a 1.4 multiplier). Even with the extra HP, Frigga will likely just last a bit longer before getting pinned and meeting her brutal end. She just doesn’t put out enough damage to dispatch her foes quick enough.

As @Pugilist said:

Note: I am pretty sure Frigga is a purge thrall, are you sure you found her in the Sinners Refuge?

As an Archer / glass cannon I supplied the damage :wink: Frigga’s job was to keep the bosses off of me.
And she did that very well.



My clanmate stole a Ciria The Mad from another player and she ended up with a very respectable 5K with armor. BUT she was a tulip, and only placed as a damage sponge and arrow annoyance at the outer door of my eastern castle.

If I may offer a bit of my own Purge findings: my clanmate and I handled a Beastmaster Purge on many occasions, near the Frost Obelisk. On the first occasion we used a thrall each, and recruited our absent clanmate’s T3 Bearer with 13k HP, including VIT armor. Each thrall got 50 Cream of Exiles in their inventory. Now I didn’t nursemaid her, but I did drop some healing arrows on her as convenient. By the fifth of six waves she was dead, while our Berserkers were at around 2K health. This was active thralling, and she was armed with an upmodded BoA. Not too shabby.

For the record, this same Berserker and I, plus two clanmates and their followers barely squeaked out a V from a Sobek Purge near the Black Galleon. Holy moly those guys were tough.


I see her there all the time.


If I got fighters with low damage output, I give them daggers, preferably the venom-infused. If they lack in strength, the dots will compensate for that. Uually I give daggers to my dancers tho’. My base defense depends where I live, but usually the higher damaging thralls and animals are defending my homes.
And archers with poison, firespark, and set arrows!
For a follower surviving a purge is harder than almost any boss (looking at you Arena champion!) in the game, so even a darfari T4 is enough to kill for example the Red Mother.

I’ve learned using them as main defense when the nordheimer purge leveled my base to the ground.

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The quality of the thrall is determined by their faction, not necessarily their location (though factions are found at specific locations).

Generally speaking, the strength of the factions follows this path from weakest to strongest:

  • Exiles
  • Darfari Cannibals
  • Black Hand
  • Dogs of the Desert
  • Lemurians
  • Heirs of the North
  • Forgotten Tribe
  • Relic Hunters
  • Votaries of Skelos

However, the initial stats of the factions are also really important, and there are plenty of individual thralls that stand out, such as the well-known Beastmaster Teimos who comes from one of the weakest factions, but has individual modifiers that completely outclass other Black Hand T4s and make him one of the top thralls in the game. Notably, it is because he comes from a weak faction that Teimos is in the easiest training difficulty.

Taking initial stats into account, the Forgotten Tribe provide the best fighters and Relic Hunters the best archers. Hidden modifiers and damage % bonuses make these distinctions less obvious, but fortunately, the modifiers for these two factions do line up with their initial stats and it remains true that the Cimmerian Berserker and Dalinsia from the Forgotten Tribe are among the highest damage dealers and the Relic Hunter Treasure Seeker archers can inflict the highest ranged damage.


Personally, I like to find the best thralls BUT in reality, since I do most of the damage anyway, it probably doesnt matter a whole lot. That’s getting into personal playstyle. Some people like to help their thrall and others like the thrall to help them. Its just a preference but it does change what makes a thrall acceptable.


I play a mix of styles. When I’m out farming, I let my thrall do all the work since my strength is usually low to accommodate a maxed encumbrance and 3-perk survival.

When I switch to a combat setup, my thrall and I both become whirlwinds of destruction. It’s so much fun!


That’s one of the things I continue to enjoy about this game, it supports a diversity of playstyles.

There are open world sandbox games I have stopped playing because updates dictated the"right" way to play. Me, I am all about, “let me give you money and have fun,” not “tell me how wrong I am for not adhering to the narrowest playstyle ever.”

I’ve been in many heavy purges up north with unlevelled thralls from all over the map. The only time we ever lost any was in the very first Nordheimer army purge. Thralls armed to knockout humans don’t do well against bears. We learned.

Even on Siptah, we repelled Army of the Accursed purges with level 0 Ana the Reavers and the like. In that case, it was quantity, and having someone foolhardy enough, usually me, to go out and divert the incoming forces with a heavy duty thrall. I will admit that without team mates it is far more difficult.

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My suggestion is simple. Take a wheel of pain and place it on the pilgrimage road to volcano, so you’ll avoid spawn destroy. Every single named fighter or archer there is excellent balanced from pve to pvp, except devote.
Every single one is ready to fight from lvl 0 and defend you or your base, all you have to do is provide them an epic armor set and a couple stacks of gruel.
You don’t need to give them weapons, they spawn with obsidian ones, but I would suggest you to give to fighters at least dragon bone 2h greatswords. They will slaughter their enemies.
It will take you less than an hour to farm 8 named fighters or archers each day and ofcurce you will get great amounts of steel, crystal, etc… Since in volcano npcs these are main drops.
Keep Spinas for your personal guard, since firespark many years ago mention this thrall as a truck, I went seeking for him. Before the nerf 60% of the npcs were dieing on sight, you didn’t even see the animation of taking his sword out, it was awesome, freaking awesome, I really miss these days only for this.

Another great key is Teimos, this npc is a real universal warrior. His kind ends up really fast stunning fighters and stunning archers. Your base will be star wars with clone warriors :rofl::rofl::rofl:. But, he spawns every 15 min, some times he doesn’t. That means in an hour farming (boring respawn anticipation ) maybe you’ll get 2, or none.
But fast level up.

There is a lemurian girl however, I cannot recall her name it is long ago, I think it was Mei, she was hitting really strong after lvl 10, really strong.

Berserkers have almost no survival so yes they hit hard but die very easy from poisoning or bleeding on 0 levels.

Relic hunters great hp, really fast farming, maybe 16 in an hour and more but only great vitality, they are not so trustworthy from 0 level.
Plus it’s annoying that fighters take archer perks and archers fighter perks… Go figure.

Heirs of North.
Lian , Dina, Freya… Main spawns.
They get enormous numbers 60 to 80 strength… Just numbers, unreliable thralls they go down very easy.

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