When is age of sorcery coming?

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Just wondering how long funcom going to make us wait. In 34 days my preorder will be here and downloaded. Also what does age of sorcery fix and what does it nerf?

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I don’t know how exactly the test live works. Still I believe that it exists for “mistakes” to be found before the release of the product in the market. IF, there are “mistakes” in the program, how long will it take for these to be fixed?
I believe that everything is “fluid” right now, a week or two after the test live release, I believe that this question may have a more accurate answer. Their goal was to be released before the end of September and I believe that they are doing the best they can for it. I can just wish that they will achieve their goal, nothing else.
However, from my side only, even if they don’t, I really do not care. “Everything will come to the one that has patience”


If I am not wrong was said in one of the streams it goes live in Q3 2022, we pray for september, but in testlive it will see the light in the next weeks as was said by @AndyB at the past TwitchCon.

The list of fixes\nerfes typically you will see with the release of the update, I have no doubt its a huge. Its close to call a rework of some systems.

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Longest to wait is until 1sst October 2022.

So within 10 weeks.

10 weeks? 10 weeks brings in a lot of new games. In 30 days my game that I pre-ordered comes to consoles. Starting a battle pass they might want to test live in a week. Since this is their first battle pass in a game. Making a testing battle pass with common in game items only could be a useful tool and data.

10 weeks? 10 weeks brings in a lot of new games. In 30 days my game that I pre-ordered comes to consoles.

You’re absolutely right, they should rush it out as soon as possible. That’s never ended badly for anyone ever.


I said earlier test live. That doesn’t mean earlier release date. If they wait too long could be fighting HL in December. I doubt age of sorcery will beat HL.

I don’t even know what HL is.

Neither do I but I also don’t know why anyone would listen to anything that Bryan Skull says for that matter. :stuck_out_tongue: Maybe it’s Hellokitty Legends?

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HL= Hogwarts Legacy. It suppose to come out in December of this year.


Literally the first I’m hearing of it, and I wish I could go back to not knowing about it


the last article will be on the 28th of July, they will probably launch the testlive at the end of this month or at the beginning of August a period of one month with the testlive is more than enough time to d discover something then it will probably release in September,

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Hmm. Butterbeer and chocolate frogs v.s. “crush your enemies, see the driven before you, and hear the lamentation of their women”. :thinking:

Somehow though, I can picture Thoth-Amon teaching the Defense Against the Dark Arts class.




Magic is magic. Both have wizards. Basically that what Conan Exiles sorcerers are.

Age of Sorcery Release Date Revealed


You could not be more incorrect in this statement if you possibly tried.


Even that is more similar than what he is trying to compare. :rofl:


This is 100% unequivocally false.

Have you read the books for either franchise? At all? Do you know anything about lore?