When is age of sorcery coming?

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That question is a moot point. They have established in every single thread they have started that they clearly have NOT read anything and do NOT want to read anything.





after correction this message was meaningless

You must be new to gaming. Never heard of E3?



D&D magic is drastically different than Mage the Ascension.

Occult lore
Hermetic ritual aka Golden Dawn is completely different than druidism and it’s offshoots which is different than satanic which is different than Kabbalah. Different sources of energy, different ways to manipulate said energies the only commonality is more metaphysical theories that try to unify them all.


A good explanation to anyone who knows what any of that is; but you do know Bryan has no idea what any of that is, right? Like he literally just said he thinks harry potter and conan are the same and you’re trying to bring up hermeticism and theological branches


it’s still a lack of professionalism, look what happened to cyberpunk 2077 they announced with almost nothing done and something crap came, if you agree that’s ok, but a large part of the “gaming community” out there prefers that the announcement is made with progress 90%… and more the announcement of a game and an update are extremely different things, they had months to finish it.

and I think that our friend there was not able to express himself properly and I believe that he has a fear that funcom decides to launch the update in a month when the spotlight may be on other games instead of conan, which would make it even more difficult to increase the presence of players which is already little compared to rust and ark

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There’s nothing wrong with announcing something you’re still working on. It gets people excited for the finished product. The place where problems occur is when you’re pressured to release an unfinished product. Cyberpunk 2077, for example. :wink:

That’s why some companies have, at least in the past, shied away from giving release dates until they were reasonably confident that a functioning product could be produced by then. Sometimes they give speculative goals like “we hope to have it done before the end of September of this year”, but not hard and fast dates.

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This makes even more people rush the project I prefer that they keep what they are doing hidden, for their safety, the world is full of crazy people.

Yes, people are getting increasingly insane. We’ve already passed the point where a concerning number of people can no longer differentiate between reality and fantasy, as evidenced by voice actors getting disturbing numbers of credible death threats (as in “This is not trolling, it is seriously time to contact the authorities” level) over things that the character they voiced did.

All the more reason not to give in to that insanity.

HL again a solo game, CE is a multiplayer game.
(pears and apples)

I’m surprised that anyone is still replying to his posts.
He’s just trolling all the time.

I no longer respond to his posts.
(except for this one)


Heehee sorry I was rushing as I was heading out of the house at the time. That was a typo on my part. :rofl:

I have edited the post above to make what I was saying more clear, though the point that Jimbo made was still valid. Every single game company releases information about games and updates that are not ready. That is part of the business and nothing new (not even new for the last 30 years).

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Whoa. I didn’t even notice the typo. I’ve seen enough of Bryan’s threads, so my “brian” just auto-corrected the typo :stuck_out_tongue:

Really you all think I’m wrong about Conan Exiles having wizards instead of sorcerers? By default sorcerers gain their power from their blood line and don’t need to study or learn from someone/something. Sorcery is in the blood. Wizards study thier make and prepare thier spells. Wizards are book users and tomes user. Warlocks gains their powers from a pact.


This is not D&D. This is not D&D. This is not D&D. This is not D&D.

Don’t you dare use the classifications from a completely unrelated universe here, that’s not how any of this works


Uh, yeah, as @Jimbo just pointed out to you, those are D&D definitions. They don’t necessarily apply to other universes.

I mean, just look at the Harry Potter universe. Yeah, they study spells from books and whatnot and they are referred to as wizards and witches and sometimes even warlocks. But where does their power come from? It’s in the blood, like sorcerers from D&D. :wink:

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Bryan-Posting 101: “Find something outrageous to troll people with so they’ll keep your thread at the top of the forums.”

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Unequivocally and irrefutably.

Do you no get tired of typing irrelevant garbage yet?

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