When it rains, floors and placeables inside buildings look slick and wet (Needs further investigation) Nov 14 at 2:00 PM


“This is an issue that might be hard to fix from our side. Needs to be taken into consideration.”

"The inside of buildings get wet because anything in rain gets wet. And it’s a challenge to solve it because we’d need to have support for building pieces being partially wet. (Outside of a wall wet because it’s in the rain, and inside being dry.)

We’ve discussed a few possible ways to do this. Needs to be investigated further and may not be fixed."


I may have a suggestion for this.

Some time ago I used this throwing weapon that exploded into a green toxic like cloud. The ground under the cloud was wet, while the rest of the land was dry. (It was in the desert). This kind of surprised me cause did not know the game could do this, wet and dry in the same place at the same time.

Do not know if the throwing weapon is from a mod or the game, but was thinking if the Dev team can find this throwing weapon (in the devkit), maybe they can find out how it makes the ground wet while it is dry, switch the wetness with “staying dry”, while it is wet elsewhere, and connect that with the ‘raindrops effect’.

You will then have the ‘wet effect’ where the raindrops fall, and do not have the ‘wet effect’ where the raindrops do not fall. Under foundations, under ceilings, in caves, underground, underwater, etc.

In essence, nice and dry under obstructions, during the rain.

The ‘raindrop effect’ works perfectly since it was fixed, so might just as well let it control the wetness.


For the first time I left the desert and I started building at the green part of the map (at the North). Everything is wet because the rain never stops there. I would like to see the interiors dry too.


I find this bug so irritating that I’m using StraysStayDry to turn the wetness effect off. I would love to see this fixed so I don’t have to.


Interesting stuff, good read.

Im surely checking it/the cloud out, i always wondered why they dind’t fix it btw.
Might have something to do with both the view indoor and outdoor at the same time.

Like for instance when “shelter” = 1 “no rain” would be a first geuss.
but it has to keep raining outside.

Im assuming it’s not an easy fix, as it’s visually dominant and present since rain was implemented.

Just curious and watching this.


We are aware that this is something a lot of you find really annoying immersion wise.
As you might have guessed: It’s actually quite a tricky fix but we are aware of how many of you have voted on the issue and we will try to look into it. Again, it’s actually a quite complex problem to fix even though it might not seem that way. We do know what the issue is though.

Sorry that I don’t have more info at the moment. :confused:


Obviously there are other things that take priority (purge, thralls, performance etc etc) yet if it’s at all possible to squeeze this in at some point, please do. It’s a bit of a sad bug to keep in the game :disappointed:



Have you considered switching off the ‘wet effect’ for now?

The thing is that most players find “the ‘wet effect’ inside buildings annoying” immersion wise. NOT the weather itself. That is the reason why so many players voted for it to be solved.

I am certain that if it would remain dry during rain or thunderstorm, it would be a lot more acceptable for a lot of players, and then the issue can be shoved on the long run, so you can send your team on more urgent issues.


Presumably, the wet ground under toxic clouds is a decal like the tar orb puddle, only transparent and shiny. If so, that probably wouldn’t work well for rain.

I have an idea that might not be too painful though:

In the placeables master blueprint, how about adding a function which checks if the space directly above the actor (z location + bounds +10 or something) is in shelter, and returns a bool? This function would naturally be called on placed/destroyed, and place/destroy events could likewise message nearby (IE, in a sphere trace) actors via an interface to run it too.

The bool could then be fed to switch param in the actors’ material to turn off the wetness branch of instructions.

Adding the switch to all the parent/base materials might be tedious, but probably less painful than, say feeding the rain particle mask from the top down capture component into all the materials.


Unfortunately, Tascha did not say as much, but leading off from the last post on Trello, it seems that the game cannot “broadcast” dry spots, and dry places while it is wet.

Seems that it can only be wet everywhere, or dry everywhere.

I meant for the wet ground under the toxic cloud to be switched to a dry spot.
We need dry spots while it is wet.

If you are correct that the wet spot under the toxic cloud is a “decal”, the devteam can also create a “dry spot decal”, can they not?

The team then only need to connect it with all the roofs, ceilings, and foundations to work with, then players can have a dry base while raining.


(Also @ kumiko)

Yes , it seems fairly easy logically, there is something a miss in the base of the streaming textures perhaps?

What Kumiko states he found, sounds like it beeing a fundamental software (third party?)error.

I may be totally off track, but the lack of a fix (since literally day1) could implie a fundamental problem exists.
Or it could implie ii’s just a non priority fix, which would wonder me.

Lets have a dev come inhere and tell/teach us about it :slight_smile:

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A single dry decal could be possible, yea. Spawning dozens (or more) of them to dry out all the buildings may be a bit much though.

@ Arizer

It’s not really a texture streaming problem. Currently the game simply hides rain particles around the player by comparing their location to a scene depth sample taken from a fake camera overhead. Comparing/multiplying this sample to every pixel in the scene could get expensive.


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