When magic,pets,mounts coming and also do thralls need food to survive?

Do thralls need food after they are place?

When magic coming?

When do we get to tame pets?

When do mounts come? Hopefully no flying mounts.

  1. they don’t have to be feeded and that’s ok
  2. That would be great
  3. I think very soon😇 (as admin you can spawn pigs already)
  4. I really don’t know. I hope there will be camels and mules for transporting materials and goods.
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I believe mounts have been fully scrapped and magic will be added when they get an artist, literally the only thing holding it back.

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Source? Last they said they have the coding done for mounts but due to some players rigs and console limitations there are cases where players ran faster than the map would load causing them to fall off. The work is there they just didnt have time to work the kinks out in time for launch.

Only thing that was “scrapped” was the idea of flying mounts and thats great news.


Why can’t there be mounts?? Ark has them.

It would be good to have some way of carrying loads of stuff around, like camels or mules. Don’t really see the need to intro anything with an attacking purpose though.

mounts have been totally scrapped with a long explanation about minimum unit of distance being too big and needing to rebuild whole map. thats why they added bearee thrall which afaik is also missing an update with expanded inventory slots

religion as they said, misses the vfx artist

pets idk, theres cool mods with farms and pets, so I hope its added

Pets are close there was an interview w/ Joel recently stating they just needed to have time for the coders to do a bit of work. He referenced the baby animals in the world as part of the future pet system. It was not total confirmation but it was pretty close. I linked it in a thread a week ago but don’t feel like chasing it down atm.

Mounts were scrapped for what they had originally intended. That said slower moving (Player Sprint Speed) mounts or just straight pack animals that move very slow but have massive carry capacity may come around if people keep asking for them.

And as everyone has said the “Sorcery” aspect needs an effects artist but with the launch being above expectations I suspect they can afford to look in a higher talent bracket now…

Livestock, maybe, but I think it should be limited in scope, this is a survival game in a veritable wasteland… And mounts, no, mounts. They remove the danger of travel and I just think they’re a bad idea. And this isn’t Ark, I don’t care if Ark had them, this isn’t that game.

Your right this is not ARK that does not mean it should be the Antithesis of Ark because they are in the same genre.

Mounts would be great pack animals for this game, Contrary to pack thralls they could have large slow moving animals with very large carry capacity for caravan travel…They would be able to carry more but be more vulnerable to bandit attack due to slow speed.

There are several mount concepts that could be fun for this game.

ARK doesn’t own the concept of mounts and pets for all games forever. Not to mention SWG was really the first sandbox game with creature taming and mount taming with any depth to the system not ARK…

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The information I saw had nothing to do with the platform being used. The map is laid out in 1km units of measure. Per Joel Bylos in one of the dev streams, they need to rework the map to a smaller unit of measure at or below 500m. This is a time consuming task and all depends on the amount of time that is available to work on the game map post release. The more time they get, the more likely we may see mounts.

Not trying to push the game, but you get the idea. :slight_smile:

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Imagine the fun of raiding a pack mule caravan as it crosses the map!!

Well the bandits are ready…now for the rest.

Wonder if magic gets a new stat?

I like the idea of pack mules and pets. So as long as I don’t have to feed them.

Good to know thralls have zero maintenance on them. Meaning no food required to keep them alive.

I don’t get the mounts excuse because you can set your speed to 1000 as an admin and run around the map fine, no map chunks disappear.

That’s one person… A high population server going fast could cause issues, even double run speed

True, true, good point

I don’t know if this is still the case, but the last I heard, sorcery was planned to work off of corruption - you allow otherworldly forces to ravage your body in exchange for unnatural power.

I rather get a new stat called Intelligence. This way my 30 health stat points don’t decrease due to 50% corruption.

It’s intended to be a necessary trade-off: you can be hale and hardy, or you can be a sorcerer.