When Season Pass 3?

Hello Funcom, where is Season Pass 3? I want to support you and buy Season Pass 3, when can I do this?


First half of 2020, according to their financials:


I am also becoming for hungry for some DLC news, and ultimately for some new content too. I know and wholeheartedly accept that we must first dedicate some time to bug fixes, and addressing some of the pressing issues. But I do wish we could at least see how many are coming this year, and what they will be called. That way we can at least try to contemplate the contents and possibilities in our own minds while we wait. But no matter what they are, I do strongly encourage Funcom to break the mould and to try something new and more ambitious this year. Either way my wallet is ready!

@Uruk_1981 I just happened upon the Fourth Quarter report (thanks to TheLOLxd2). You can read some details on upcoming content in their thread here:

The thread also provides a link to the upcoming features listed on the Wiki down the bottom. Some of these include:

Upcoming patch (ETA: March 2020)Follower Management SystemFirst batch of AI fixesFuncom LauncherCurrently on TestLive (patch notes).
Update 41 or higher (ETA: H1 2020[4])No content announced.[5]More quality fixes for NPCs and followers.[6]Includes a Year 3 Season Pass DLC and a Steam Free Weekend.[4]Includes the addition of Turkish localization by Vardiya.[7][8][9]Possibly includes a continuation of the story, as was previously mentioned to come in 2020.[10]Possibly includes new UI/UX (designs).[11]
Update 42 or higher (ETA: H2 2020[4])Includes a paid map expansion DLC.The map expansion DLC was originally teased during the Q3 2019 financial stream.[12][13] The release ETA was revealed in the Q4 2019 Financial Report on February 28, 2020.
Upcoming xCloud launch (ETA: 2020[14])xCloud
Improvements to PvP.[10]Balance raiding, which includes explosives.[15]Character customization post-character creation.[10]A wearable light source or similar for dark places where you do not have to use a torch.[10]Improving storage (eg. the storage of potions in chests)[10]More endgame gameplay loops.[10](A proper guide on how to use Automatic Downloading of Mods and the Event Log.[16]). Improved admin documentation.[17]Communicating changes in advance.Console improvements.Reducing the gap in patching different platforms to avoid past situations in which consoles would receive a patch days or weeks after PC was patched.[18]Changes to the file system to prevent big file sizes, mainly for consoles.[19]Internal discussion of options such as “Official servers that wipe every 30 days with higher [frame] rates”[20]
Patches will go live on consoles a few days later usually, as it goes through certification at Sony (PS4) and Microsoft (Xbox) respectively.Bugs that crash servers have a higher priority than exploits. Official server wipes are not planned.


Gimme gimme gimme. Sept we needs some lines in there akin to “more beards in the customization to end eutus’ trivial campaign”. I mean there might be some hints in there, but I need the come on to be kinda strong.

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I’m on fence… I’m really just waiting for rework of how DLC is in inventory. And hopes we get a on/off feature so we can hide items…

Really sick of scrolling thru sandstone and other types I’m never gonna build… when making another type.

The games been semi-unplayable since Dec… and were 2 months into 2020 and still crashing on ps4, and dieing on map randomly, parts of my base go poof, thralls half in ground.

I want new stuff… but I’d also like the game to run decent again so I can actually play it and enjoy it again. =/

Ooops! Sorry @Broc, I just noticed I copied the same link you already did beforehand. Sorry mate. :crazy_face:

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