When TestLive 3.0?

"That’s it for now, but we have a lot more to cover before the update comes out. We’ll do that in a series of articles where we cover the major topics separately. " - from Here.

“Before the update comes out” are they saying this in relation to the test live? because the last article will be on the 28th so we will have the test live at the beginning of August? or will the test live come out sooner?

The release date given is Q3, which is a large 3-month window. Testlive could run for a month, or a week. We really have no idea how long, and subsequently no idea when full launch will be either. It’s still only the 2nd week of Q3, which means there’s still plenty of time to go.


Its already noted that July is a vacation month for Funcom main office so probably August is most likely time for Test live to start testing 3.0.

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How did it work in past updates? did they put the test live while they sent the articles or did they finish the articles and then they put the test live?

there will be a playable build of 3.0 at twitchcon Amsterdam on the 16th to 17th, will there be a test live a little earlier?

Nothing like this one, they’ve never released in this style before. This is all uncharted territory. It’s anyone’s guess how and when they’ll drop it

This one had hoped that Testlive would have been updated before Oslo shut down for the month, but alas.

Also, this will inform us a little about the pacing of content in the future, pass updates, ect…
As matters stand, no season/age shift or other scheduled content drop will happen in July.
So if everything is going on a three month rotation system, we can block off several months as not options for the times when a season will roll over.

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can u explain again ? I could not understand

Norway shuts down for July.
Fellesferie is the name for what amounts to the nation closing for most of the month.
Like a nationwide holiday, only it’s 3+ weeks.

Nothing gets done during that time.
Funcom is based in Oslo, Norway.
So they shut down for the month of July.

As mentioned, Battle Passes would be divided into Seasons and Ages. With 3 months being the base length.
If content is going to keep a 3 month rotation, but the business is closed in July, that means no new content that month. But it also means new content won’t be dropping in April, as three months from there would be July, likewise scheduled content in the treadmill won’t drop in October because that would be the three full month mark from a July drop.

We can guess that July will be in the middle of a season rather than at the book ends. One never wants to drop new content and then be afk for a full month. Likewise, having a deadline immediately after a long vacation is foolish.

Unless they decide to just have dead months (which is an extremely bad idea for marketing a game as a live service) having a month where a season cannot change informs the entire cycle.


Hmm makes sense, but is there any information that the eras or seasons will be every 3 months?

That was in the dev stream if this one recalls correctly.

It is also mentioned as about 13 weeks here:

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yes, I saw it after I made the comment there, what you said makes a lot of sense, I just feel a little sad about it hahah

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