When u pay game but are impossible play it

I enter in official server,build house level player,20 hours later are impossible enter because is full ever and ever…explain me ur idea of play dear develoepers,i ave to make new character all days?
Just say me because in this case i uninstall game right now,i ave pay it for lose my time?
I ave keep this game in early access…

Nobody ave time for reply? nice

Ooooook i assume developers or moderators ave no time for reply to my problem,i hope my curator review save some JustPlayNow players from this character creation/lose simulator.(actual state of game because servers are full ever)
I dont disturbing again and absolutely this are my last funcom game expecially in early access version.
For players are possible found my Negative review in DemolitionTeamGames Steam group

Incase you have not read the forums at all, Funcom has said multiple times that they will add more servers when they can. Gportal is currently out of servers and are trying to get more asap. By getting more servers, it will also ease the spread of players meaning “oh server full, can’t play”.

For the next time, please browse forums before getting tilted =)

Adding more servers doesn’t fix the problem that groups of people have spent hours upon hours playing together and making progress only to never log into the server at the same time again.

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