When we getting sorcery?



So you wish a “Conan & dragons” game?
Personally i think that “traditional fantasy magic” does not fit with this game.
Sorcery and dark magic are already in place and it’s the heritage of an ancient civilization, that destroyed itself with its own hands (and magic).


Sorcery in the Hyborian age never gets flashy. We’re talking hexes of bad luck, babies getting colic, and maybe making rainstorms. But lightning bolts, fireballs, and such is right out.


What about age of conan?


“Rings and jewelry are a DnD thing only.” Not! Many games use rings and other jewelry as buffing or special ability. Maybe instead of team teleporting I need to craft a ring first then use it. The ring durability is reduced everytime you use it. Or Maybe a staff is used to cast a spell. All I know is corruption is a stat for sorcery.

Every Time you cast a spell you could lose corruption. Weaking your sorcery. Maybe staffs are a way to refill your corruption.


Its apocryphal, so what about it?



He disagrees.


I totally agree that traditional magic does not fit in the world of Conan. However, if we have a game where we are to assume the role of various characters and backgrounds, a variation of magic should be available. Hyborian magic comes is more like voodoo/hoodoo magic rather what is represented in games like Elder Scrolls and modern fantasy. It can be done here but I understand why it’s difficult.


I rather have necromancery.


Except he doesn’t.

Read the books, feel free to quote where someone throws a fireball or lightning bolt.


You forgot transformation.


I want sorcery so bad.


they cant even get what they’ve gotten right I defintly don’t wanta see caster play yet


I dont think its on topp prio and it can destry the game totaly, i think its good as it is whit a harcore close combat system that workes werry well. the best i played so far.


It was once a selling point at E3.


Of course he does. You hold that magic in Conan lore is limited to hexes and raining. I’m afraid it’s you who need to read the books.


I’d so get off on using corruption as mana.
I’d go nuts if I could shoot lightning.

Raising Skeletons from corpses. Oh man.


Aslong as the sorcery is acording to the lore its fine and not become a shoota fireballs game. The lore have a Close combat focus. But yes magick is strong to but more sofistcat, more lord of the rings then AD&D magick.


Sincerely i wouldn’t see sorcery in this game. Especially if sorcery means the classic fantasy magic that can fit in a D&D game but not in this one.
I can’t understand why sorcery shoud invade any game.


Sorcery really doesn’t fit into this game in any way. We don’t have a single stat to reflect that it should, either. I know it gets a lot of you all tingly thinking about magic but it would either break the game or be worthless. I’d much rather see what we have polished to max effect.


It’s not any game. It’s Conan Exiles. Sorcery is one of the most relevant content promised during EA by Funcom and delayed on official launching. That’s not an invasion, it’s a core feature. Besides is faithful to Conan lore. A world without magic is not a Conan world.

Nobody are speaking of that kind of sorcery. Funcom has never speaked of lightning bolts, fireballs or something like that. Hexes, buffs, summoning and shapeshifting, and all of that based on corruption levels that decrease your strenght and stamina. Seems a funny, lore friendly and well balanced system. I can’t see any reason not to release it.