When will Funcom fix this... Next to 100 other things

So nerfs??? How about some bug fixes before more nerfs to weapons half of them are useless now.


52% armor pen is too much. If you compare it with most other axes which have 0% (12% with the kit) !!!

Also armor penetration in this game is strong.


Why cant some legendary weapons be just that - legendary?

Nerf everything to star metal or obsidian quality, all you have are named weapons that dont stand out, nor make it worth your time to grind out.


Do you have a friend? Go into singleplayer, set the difficulty to Decadent.

Invite your friend. You both go 40 Vitality and 50 Strength with epic flawless heavy armor. Hit your friend with this axe (apply a master weapon kit before).

Then take Axe of the Lion (also a legendary). Repeat the process.

Post your experience here.

@Nemisis is right. Legendaries should indeed be lenegdaries. They should worth the grind.
An other player 1 or 2 hit kills you? Good. That’s what legendaries should do.

An other example that came into my mind: Borderlands. There are legendaries and uniques (high grade uniquely named weapons), and the uniques are on par with some purple (high grade) weapons but have some specialities. Legendaries also have some special abilities, but way stronger than the others.


Legendaries are not meant to oneshot people. And what grind do you mean? Most of them can be optained pretty easy. Last I played with my hubby we had 8 chests full of this stuff. There wasn´t a weapon we didn´t had at least 3 times. I had stuff hanging on almost every wall in our base. Once you have a good thrall and you have your base running there is pretty much nothing else that you do, than running dungeons and raid other people. At least not on pvp.

My huby was level 10 when he encountered a base at the noob river, where people had some thralls with legendary armor and weapons guarding outside their base. Well guess what he did? He pulled one out, got him stuck in a big rock, then pulled nearby npcs to the rock and watched the slaughter. He did it 2 times and we both had a full equip at level 20.

There are several ways you can obtain legi armors and weapons if you are clever. You just have to play this game long enough to get creativ.

Damage again…


Yeah I agree. If we had a good offline protection system, raid hours wouldn’t be a thing and also less frustration for players.

I liked the concept from Last Oasis, where you build your walker, a walking farm base and when you stop playing, you can put the walker into the lobby, where it can’t be touched. You couldn’t store unlimited amounts of materials in it though, but have multiple walkers.

Um, no. I don’t even play PVP and even I know that a player killing you in 1 or 2 hits is bad game design. A good game is a series of interesting choices. “Legendary” doesn’t and shouldn’t mean “the best choice in the whole game” because that makes it a strictly dominant strategy and reduces the universe of interesting choices to “do you have the überkiller weapon or not”.

Legendaries should be better than star metal and obsidian, but they should always involve tradeoffs and have a counter.

Let’s set aside that Borderlands multiplayer is co-op, not competitive like Conan’s PVP is supposed to be. Ask yourself how many times you got an orange weapon and it looked cool, but you ended up throwing it away because your trusty purple or even blue gave you better results.

Ah yes! They can keep the Yog’s Touch as it is. Don’t nerf the damage. Increase the stamina cost!

I think legendary weapons should have very low durability and be non-repairable, the reason being that Legendary suggest old and used and the knowledge of how to make/repair them has been lost to time.

Lower durability and remove the ability to repair them.

Lower the odds of getting them from world bosses to a say, 1 in 10 chances of getting one…or something like that. Make them as valuable as when they first came into the game when people were scared to lose them.

Shhh… Dont destroy my black ice broadsword :smiley: Also is that sword used in PvP? I used it in PvE for a long time, but then switched to axes. Attacks are mostly better.

I once crafted 20 of this -> that needs 1 hour :smiley:

Yogs touch drops from a dungeon boss and how should Funcom change the world-boss logic to 1 out of 10? You get a key to a chest.

Just remove all legendaries from PvP server. Let them all run around with the same weapon, because otherwise its unfair for people who dont invest that much time…

Also lets spin that further: Give everyone >10k black ice foundations and >10k bombs, so that people who dont have that much time can kill Alphas, because why not… Seems “unfair” otherwise.

Thats the logic behind the “buhu, legendaries are bad, as I have to play to get them”.


I use spear and 1h sword for PvP. Either Dragonbone Sword or Telith’s Lament for poison, black ice for the incredible damage. But it’s not as nearly as broken as Yog’s Touch because of the low armor penetration.

Well, BL is the other example, the newest one has a ton of legendaries and you even get it from mobs and trashpiles… (Side note: I got more purple weapons than oranges :rofl: ). Which basically spits into the eyes of the term “legendary” IMO.

But my point (let’s call it dream, because it never will happen) is: legendaries should ALWAYS kill enemies faster than high grade/very rare weapons. They damage should be at least on par with the highest gear non-legendary counterparts with some bonus like the Festering one’s AP or the Havoc and Malice slight range bonus, etc.
BUT they should be rarer and/or harder to get compensate for that. Maybe the “1 or 2 shot” statement was a bit of exaggeration.

Personally, I don’t know what’s the proper way to balance legendaries for PVP. I don’t play PVP, for many reasons.

I know that making them “rarer and/or harder to get” is only one way to balance them and, as a PVE(-C) player, that’s the last thing I want to see. I think Conan Exiles already has way too much of slot-machine gameplay and it doesn’t need to make it worse.

There are, fortunately, plenty of ways to balance weapons that don’t rely solely on their rarity. You can fiddle with damage, armor penetration, stamina cost, buffs and debuffs, etc.

But even if you decide to go with how hard it is to obtain, there are ways to adjust that without depending on RNG. I’m not gonna go into them right here and right now, because 1) I need to start working, and 2) I don’t want to derail this thread.

It’s really tiring to see people be so ignorant. Like HOW can people not see a problem with the stuff SirDaveWolf brought up?

For an example drawbridges, there is no possible way to raid a base that have 1 way in, for example the dam keyhole. You can bring 5000 bombs but u will not get through the drawbridge just because it has way to much hp, and people need to click ONCE to repair it from 10k hp to full hp again. Ain’t broken huh?

And yog’s touch, u have that much armor penetration and with and axe u kinda dont need any skill to use it’s so freaking much. And yes it’s legendary, but it’s still a weapon. The thing that’s makes it legendary aswell is the corruption it gives while hitting the enemy. Keep the damage but decrease the armorpen. With yog touch u kinda 3 hit a light armor player, and 6 hit a heavy or something. Dont know the exact numbers. But meanwhile u have the spear, that actually needs aim and prediction (skill) to use, u need to hit for an light armor guy, 1 full combo + 2 heavy attacks. For an heavy geared player you kinda cant, because you will be out of stamina before u able to get him half hp, and meanwhile u getting ur stamina back he will heal up.

But like some of you players here that dont really have the experience or even play PVP say, the there is nothing OP with it.

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They need to make it so you get one of each legendary only, one per person. Not nerf every weapon but make the special. Why in heck can you get 100 of one legendary to start with. One per person not so over powerered any longer.

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