When will it be over?

Will there be a global update to fix undermesh and landclaim? PvP servers are full of cheaters.

(on PvP server rly? this guys duping and using 1312 pvp like a creative mod)

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Those streamers and their fanboys are active for months now, hopping from one official to the next, destroying peoples´ work and building undermesh. They keep using the same stream adresses.

To people who want to play fair pvp, it is a punch in the face to see those same guys still doing their exploits and streaming it on top of it!


It has been going on for over a year. It is a shame that I can’t play because of guys inside textures or with speedhack. But it is even more hurtful that the developers ignore it. And community on forum is trying to justify cheaters.
Reports dont work. They are also ignored.


Well, maybe funcom even reacted to the reports, we don´t know, right? But even IF they did, banning an account for one week will not stop this. More severe answers would be needed to react here, since they are making funcom and most of the fair player base look like retards. What is the future option for a gaming company that LOOKS LIKE NOT EVEN TRYING to combat the abuse of its own rules?

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I’ve sent many times evidence of violations in admins private messages. All according to new instructions of reports and new rules. But after long time (2-4 months) everyone i complained about, is still playing.

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It is being worked on.


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The same text was sent half year ago.
These words dont make any sense.

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They don’t give any ETA and are honest about the fact that it’s taking longer than they had hoped but at least we’ve been informed that they are trying to fix the problem.

The words mean that if more people participated in Testlive to test updates and report their findings, they’d make faster progress.


Or just simply ask the right people, to show them ways to prevent this. People are not going testlive and doing a job like that for free.

And as far I know their system to avoid undermeshing haven’t been sucessfull so far. Still works to go undermesh at most spots.

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Before they gave away some DLCs to testers, not anymore.


But people do play on the official servers for free and without any monetization like in all the other MMO, don’t they?

It is hoped that they will succeed soon.

I have spend some hours in testlive. You can see in my posting history that I tried to contribute. Because I played this game on official pvp servers for years, I wanted to play on an official pvp testlive server. Did this on the only EU one. You know what? My hidden and quite strong base got raided twice by a guy who lived inside the mesh with his base. Yeah, I found it! I reported it. I returned to this testlive server weeks and weeks later, only to see if his undermesh base is still there. And it was still there one month after my report. Well, I thought, if that is how important that one EU pvp testlive server is to funcom, then my time is too important for that. What do you think about that?
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I like how constructive you are all the time. And I really hope that in the end this anti-undermesh technique they are developing will work, at least on the new map. But it is about time that this progress will come to live, because examples like the one Mary showed in this thread really make for a bad gaming experience for a lot of players.

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Maybe make it a little easier to get proof of these exploits… and more severe penalties like…maybe… being banned from that server indefinitely?

Couldn’t they just edit in a cave entrance and some walls in the “soft spots” and just incorporate them into the map officially?

Maybe they are really working on fixing undermesh. But why aren’t they blocking those who break the rules right now? During this problem, I changed a lot of pvp servers (1094, 1312, 1322 ect…), and sent a lot of complaints about different guys who played unfair. I complained about many сhinese and russian players. I had all possible proofs. All of them still playing, still inside of textures, still duping.

For example 17 Jun i reported chinese clan for undermesh (and probably duping). They builded this base in 1 day from full zero. Outside the shell of T3. But base was hidden inside of rock. But they also break one more rule, they have claimed a lot of area around base. Too much, just too much.
You can сome to 1312 Official PvP to make sure - this guys have 336h everyday, they are still playing. If you can do it - take a look inside of texture of the rock.

Unfortunately, this is not only one complaint to which was not reacted.

I have made a report as well on my server with ps4…

They state that it has been forwarded but also that they cant let me know if they took any action or anything like that… and this complaint involved almost all the obelisks being blocked by a clan…

Now here is the thing… I dont need them to get back to me… if I log in and I still see that the obelisks are blocked I know they didnt take any action… and if there not gonna say hey we told them to take down the obelisks and they havent how am I suppposed to know if I shouldnt send in another report…

If a year goes by and they still havent removed the blocked obelisks am I allowed to send in another report … are they gonna ignore these issues…

If there are to many official servers for them to keep up with they need to cut them in half… they need to fix alot of the issues with griefing… they say that insane amounts of land claim and dungeon and obelisk blocking is griefing and can be taken action against but so far nothing seems to be done… if your short handed and have to many complaints then you need to cut the official servers down to something you can handle efficiently…

Sending a pre written and automated message isnt helping anyone… its causing people to leave if they problems arent fixed… if the new DLC comes out and these issues are still in the game whats gonna be the point of getting it?

Why get a DLC when the obelisks and dungeons and undermeshing are still a thing… I cant do anything on my pvp server cause of land claim lag by the den and obelisks blocked… undermeshing is just insane as well and needs to be addressed… there are videos on people building in unraidable spots because of undermeshing

I feel more effort should have went into fixing the game’s broken mechanics and not into a DLC…

If the DLC addresses these issues it might be different but you can advertise new content but if players on the official servers are ruining current content then you can assume there gonna ruin new content… and if thats the case whats the point

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After a year of playing, I had to leave the game because of terrible lags and cheaters. After another half a year, I came back to meet again beloved world of Conan. But I was disappointed that every PvP server was claimed too much. Every PvP server with (everyone knows who’s doing it) cheaters who live under textures, using speedhack, breaks their stamina with the emotion of crossing their hands.

Am I waiting for an update? Yes. But most likely I will miss this event because I know in advance that there is no PvP server right now without guys in textures.