When will Official Testlive servers be back up?


Anyone know? Have they said anything about it at all?


The Devs were playing jenga when they installed a patch to testlive this morning and it caused a chain effect, crashing all (or most) of the official servers. They were pulled down for a fix, but no ETA has been given (in the patch notes portion of the forums) on when they will be back up. They didn’t want to roll back the update, so brought them down instead.

You can try to play on a private server if you’re jonesing for a quick fix of the newer content, but the npc’s, nor the resource nodes are respawning, so your best bet is solo play (where everything respawns as you leave and reenter an area). One month left! Hopefully we get all these wrinkles ironed out! :grinning:


They patched the Testlive this morning and brought the servers back up. I have not seen any reports on them going down again.


What do you mean one month left? Until what?


That post was one month prior to Launch. Unfortunately, not all of the bugs were exterminated… :sweat_smile: