When will pve have a funcom attention?

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How about never?

Age of Conan is in maintenance mode. Funcom are not going to do any major changes or additions to the game, and not much in the way of minor changes either.
The servers will be up for as long as the players spend enough money to cover the costs of keeping them up.

PVE? There hasn’t been pvp content in 5 years!


Raid finder killed raiding.

When do you want to raid?

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This is an excellent thread that truly encompasses the questions that the community has been asking. When will Funcom give us our PvE content? It has been two full years since the last PvE content dropped, and I am chomping at the bits for another quest pack to sink my teeth into. Perhaps a quest pack detailing the young life of Yakhmar. Indeed, the only thing I would prefer more, would be for Yakhmar to finally be honored by being inducted into Raidfinder. Where is my Yakhmar raidfinder? I grow restless thinking of his large, bulbous, viscuous worm shape slithering from the cubby in the ice cave where I first laid eyes upon him, his children stirring the ground below my feet, sending small tremors up my feet and thighs. His children can not harm me. I am safe. I am excited. The many hours spent, just me, Yakhmar, and 8 mutilators killing him slowly as I watch intently from my perch upon the deceased snow mammoth, safe and sound. I want to share these hours with new players.

How much longer must I wait until Yakhmar ascends the throne into Raidfinder-ship where he may be introduced to new players in the correct fashion?


Yes!!! This 100%. I was so H Y P E D when I learned Vistrix was a demon and not a dragon.

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hahahaahaha see all these Pve:ers toxic behavior killing their own server, get back to crom you scrubs… :thinking:

wait what


I caught that reference and it was gorgeous.
Also stygga’s post should become a new copypasta for pve threads.

Do you even read forums ? There’s new content in beta testing but they won’t release it till summers over …people go out in summer go on holiday go see family! pop drops a lot ! My guild has cancelled all raids till September so I go outdoors and see the sun ever 7 months :crazy_face::sunny:

Another one who doesn’t read forums :skull:

6man or solo dungeon is not what we’re waiting for. Do you think players would be satisfied with another dungeon like SC to farm for few days and get bored? I wouldn’t be.

And he’s right, FC won’t do any MAJOR changes they said that, only some MINOR additions to the game

Minor additions are still addditions to the game it’s an 11 year old game from a company that has had a very rocky last 5 years! It’s not blizzard the game is still going that’s a plus. Most of the people that whinge that’s it’s dead and no stuff is happening don’t even sub so how do you expect a company to run a game and add new stuff that isn’t making them loads of money ? Ie conan exiles is doing well so they develop it a lot more thousands of ppl play it still… my opinion is I enjoy the game still after 10 years of playing it’s my favourite so iam glad it’s still going

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And how do you know it’s a 6 man or solo ? Might be new area! Hints to something that’s not even in game currently

Andyb said in one of the streams that it is not going to be in the scale of an expansion with a new area or a T7 raid. So the chance that it’s some kind of dungeon or 6 man content is pretty high.

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I have been happy many times knowing that something new will be added to the game and each time the joy ended in disappointment. There’s no Dev to support AoC so dont expect anything groundbreaking…

I know it’s not going to be an expansion or new raid but at least we’re getting something new after 2 years !

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I think you’re probably right, but I am crossing my fingers for a small expansion like Turan. I already bought extra funcom points in desperate anticipation.

I will probably wind up using them for slots, gear, whatever but hoping for a good expansion. Maybe foolish but fools do dream. :shamrock:

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We do dream :star_struck:

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