When will pve have a funcom attention?

I really like pve, but earlier this week I have seen pve players gone, there was no one forming the raids as usual, there are no more pve guilds doing invitations.

Funcom when you are going to pay attention to pve, what do you plan to do to bring players?

or just say when the server will end.

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For Croms sake - you of all players do not even care for group play, so stop trolling. The only time you actually join a “group” is when you enter the raidfinder, in which you are no helpfull addition to the “team” whatsoever. Even for this dull content you use the most ridiculous playstile (combo macros…for real?).

Your behaviour ingame is toxic and disrespectfull in the chat and in raidfinder. You do not even play the content you so “ambitiously” try to save, and you have no clue about the state of raids or groups.
I feel really bad that it has to be me who bursts your bubble: That no one wants to play with you does not mean that people do not play together. You just do not get to know it.


May Mitra bless you! I could not have written it better

I disagree with his rude words, but his opinion to me is like nothing

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