When will the avatars return?

If someone is cheating then all you can really do is report them. However saying a clan is cheating just because they have more resources then you is wrong. Where is your proof? A clan of ten people with a bunch of named alchemists can crank out dragon powder like it’s their job. Give me 15 firebowl cauldrons all with named workers and I’ll make you 1000 dragon powder in a hour.

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Thats not a question for us and as long as everyone plays by the same rules is not necessary for fairness sake. Its a question of how difficult does Funcom want it to be to destroy a base and apparently they felt the gods were OP for that task. The gods will get a nerf and then likely come back but the fast demo is over.

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I’m talking about the creation of the powder.

Well, our server has just been taken over by an alpha clan of very foul mouth toxic individuals. They take pride is wiping servers and and not caring if player base leave the game or not. They have bases allover the server and had been able to raid and destroy 90% of the other bases tmainly do to 10000s of explosives that are stockpiled. The sever is now all but empty accept for them. So what the heck are we few remaining players to do…no gods to help and our numbers too low to resist. Is this the death of yet another official pvp server? This kind of thing is getting out of control and something needs to be done ASAP or there will be NOOOOOO more official PvP servers for new players to join or to retain the older player base that lost them.

Then use the forums to create an anti Alpha group that goes around cleaning them up.

I agree with you and accept your reasoning Blackmesa. When Funcom said they were removing Gods from the game in order to eliminate exploits I applauded the decision. However, either Funcom is doing a really, REALLY thorough job, or more likely, I tend to suspect that they have had to put their work on them to one side and focus on new issues which have emerged. But I digress.

I feel that the playerbase has been very patient on this issue. However, it has now been 8 months and counting since they were removed!

That is almost one third of the total time which has elapsed since the games release date. I am sorry but I now feel that this has been too long, we need to get them fixed up and back in to the game. Gods are a huge selling point for the game, they not only appear throughout the games current official trailer,

but they are even one of the first things we see on the Conan Exiles start-up screen.

Players also need Gods to be able to complete the Journey Steps. Furthermore, if they were re-enabled players would have greater means to eliminate some of the now rampant foundation spamming (well on PvP at least). The time has come; Gods/Avatars must start returning to Conan Exiles!


Well it wouldnt be here in an unrelated post about gods. The announcement section has details on how to contact the admins.

yup, all they will do by re-instituting the gods/avatars is give the exploiters more ability to exploit breaking the game further.

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Otra opción qye los active en pve para la etapa del viaje

What di you mean? Gods have nothing to do with travel

Es un punto del viaje invoca un avatar capitulo 10 creo que esta

Oh yes there is a journey step. The best part of journey steps is to help level. You dont need them all to reach 60 and you can never get them all because the last is to remove the bracelet…

Yo por eso a mi solo me falta la momia del circulo el invocar un avatar y explorar las tierras que aún debe faltarme una ubicación

The fact that there is absolutely no reward or achievement for removing that stupid bracelet is lame… but not as lame as Conan is without Gods.

They’re coming back after a retool.

in english?

Translation: How can I appeal a ban because of another clan?

This was also the problem with them… the damage output alone for a 60 second god should not level into someones base that took countless hours to build. I believe this is why they removed them temporarily to figure out a way to correct this

No, they removed them because they were being duped, then stashed in a way to hide them on the map.

The damage is balanced considering you can get a bubble to stop them. And actually explosives did the trick as well, if you laced them in you outer wall.


yeah i want the gods power right now!!!