Whenever I log in now, it's in the desert naked

I keep dying or something while I’m logged off and nobody killed me, nobody broke into my base, I just die while logged off and spawn in the desert naked now. Very annoying, can’t have anything on my body now when I log off. Fix this broken game jesus.

I get that after every blue screen. I get those about 3 times a day? 1 every 2 hrs or so.

It happens every time I log out on this new official server I joined, haven’t blue screened so it’s not just that.

It seems the game saves right after you make your character and never saves again

How do you not bluescren. I can’t go at max 2 hours without a crash. Sometimes it’s 15 minutes. Is online play seriously better than SP?

Where are you logging off at? If it’s the frozen north or volcano biome it could be the environment killing you.

I’ve played very little SP but have played online since launch, with only a few crashes and I think only one blue screen crash. So it would seem that online is more stable. ( ps4 slim not pro btw )

Same … logged in all my base gone maproom …and I was armored in the north … came back to all stuff gone map room … bs armor fire bowl … kinda going backward … should purge happen while logged off on single player??

Purge can’t happen in SP while logged off since its not a server that stays running. Closest you could get to an offline purge in SP would be an AFK purge

ya the volcano and jungle, I’ve lived in the same spot before on another server and never died while being logged off.