Wher is the money draing on a pve server?

Wher is it? Everything just but on a pile and only disepare by decation!

Your not making any sense

What unclear every game neeed a Money Drain.

this system is made for pvp when you burn stuff by raiding.

Your English is not that good and some of your words are confusing.

It’s a survival game. You build stuff if you want to use resources.

My guess is that the OP is asking where the “money sink” in the PvE server.

The “money sink” is that action or event that pulls money or resources away from the player and destroys it in an effort to prevent resource inflation. In a game like WoW,this would transaction tax or paying a healer fee.

As for Conan, the closest we have to this would be Purges and expiration of certain materials such as food.

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Yes but the purge dont work and when it was working it hardly daind mutch even on a pvp server and food is a side system that its plenty of.

But its also not that hard to gathering the Resources, so its not that big drain. And the pve server houses gust grow and grow and nothing is stopping it exept from the player geting bored when they done Everything 10 times.

Don’t confuse a needed resource sink with desired game play. A sink helps give a reason to play after you’ve done everything. In something like am MMO, a sink is why you keep raiding and earning gold.

That said,I don’t know if you need one in PvE Conan. It’s not exactly the same concept. Yes, it would help fight base inflation. But I’m just not sure if that should be a game design goal.

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I play to watch people come and go, for they are the salt of the earth.

I witnessed the good, the bad, the talented, the bored. In the end, I gather to wait for the next big thing.
My favorite money sink right now is converting gold coins and shadebloom into gold veined rocknoses, then re-invest and grow more rocknoses. Then swap over to silver.

I am currently taking it easy on CE, logging on just to feed my troops and chatting. Fallout 76 launches tommorow. When F76 grows old and Funcom adds sorcery at the CE’s first annviersary, i’ll be back.

Seasons, my friend. Seasons.


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