Where all would be a good place to post suspected cheaters on Offical servers?

Title. Would like information on exactly were to report cheaters using lagswitches and other programs and server manipulation.

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Hey @Sairdontis

We replied to your other post with some instructions :slight_smile:

Hey Ignasis what would it take to get someone to do something about a server being broken? How do we go about at least finding out your aware of the problem and someone is going to attempt to fix it?

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To report on a server being down or requiring a restart, you can use the Server Report Tool (which is also accessible ingame). G-Portal handles that aspect.
For specific reports regarding in-game issues, you can send us your feedback in our forums (if possible, on its platform specific section: PC, Xbox One, PS4) and we’ll collect it and send it to our team. :slight_smile:

The server has been unplayable now for over 8 hours. Several people have reported it.

The server has been having problems for over a week now.

No response from anyone after putting in several reports.

Over 8 hours unplayable as of now.

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Thank you very much. And this issue was on PC if I forgot to state that .

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Thank you. Sent you in DM some specifics as well.

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