Where are my Community Rewards?

So you’ve just linked your SWL account to Facebook, Google, Twitter, and Twitch from our SWL main page:

But no matter what the rewards never seem to find their way into your dressing room. If you are playing on Steam you may actually have multiple accounts in SWL and not even know it; one that you created and one automatically created by Steam.

The easiest thing to do would be to log into your SWL account using the green “Sign in through Steam” button to make sure that you have the right account:


Once there, try linking your social media accounts again. If you are able to link them, you will be able to receive your Community Reward items in-game.

If you are a Steam player and you still have trouble getting your community rewards, please open an e-mail ticket at help.funcom.com and give us the name of your account and the name of one of your characters. This will help us find your accounts so we can tell what your options are. It might be possible that your two accounts can be merged together. A GM will have to assess your account’s situation to advise you.

Please keep in mind that the vanity items from the Community Rewards are not automatically added to your dressing room. You will need to claim them from your Delivered Items window, which can be quickly accessed from either the in-game menu at the top left of the screen or by typing /delievereditems.

If you were logged into the game while you linked your account you will need to log completely out in order for your items to become available in your delivered items.