Where are Shadebloom?

Hello ! I search the new place of Jhebbal Sag…
Do you know where is the Pictish Wilderness ?
I find these notes :
" Pictland is bounded on the north by the Eiglophian Mountains, on the east by the Black River, on the west by the ocean, and on the south by Zingara."
But i can’t found them on the actual map. (I’m beginner).
I need Shadebloom for taming animals.

Thanks for your help !

there is no “pictish wilderness” on the map, you have to get into the midnight grove, kill and harvest the bosses there to get shadebloom

you do not need them for taming animals btw., shadeblooms are not worth it IMO

For more detailed information on taming pets and chances on getting certain outcomes with chosen pet food, see the Pet page on the Official Wiki. Follow to the Animal pen page for extended recipes.

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