Where are the chickens?

Add chickens!
I want my chicken pen, so I can go out early in the morning at sunrise, breathe in the fresh air, and calmly collect the eggs.
Give me my chickens !!


I think absolutely all chicken population that might have ever existed in the Exile lands would have been decimated by just about everything else that lives there. Or perhaps they evolved into those blue flamingo things northwest of newbie river.

I do also want chicken eggs. Or can the big turtles lay eggs. Either way eggs are used in a lot of recipes. I dont live in egg country. But would like eggs. Or maybe. Eggs could be more places.

Why are there not more vultures?

Vultures were like…a huge part of the cut scene in the beginning.

+1 on chicken coop!

Agreed. Its a really simple thing, like from a “thats not a huge feature”, that would certainly help facilitate farming/agriculture. I wasnt super into the plant gender ans cross pollenating seed idea from a few days ago, it felt a little complex in my opinion. But like if the idea was a little simpler i would say both the chicken coops and seed farming from already grown plants would really go a long way in helping make agriculture a thing.

it is not an excessive request :smile: :smile:

Aah but then where did the chicken emote come from?


It’s not is it, I just want my chickens. I have a little area all ready awaiting their arrival

Some guy knew what chickens are before being taken to these lands. XD But what chicken emote, I don’t think I even have it.

Well not quite. I know that one can still be found in the lower decks of the Black Galleon. :wink:

Mounds of the Dead, ghosts on the side of a hut.

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Oh Riiiight…I forgot about that. I think I even made a thread about it once…

Thanks, need to go check out.

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I would like some chickens and corresponding chicken recipes. We have fish, pork and red meat, how about the original white meat?

Lol have a chat with the darfari. They can help with the og white meat recipies.

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Good thing this game isn’t Skyrim. The chickens would rat you out to the nearest town guard in no time. :laughing:


What if we had an egg basket, and a little container to hold them.
Maybe they could introduce a little frying pan the perfect size for an egg. Or a larger one so we could make omlettes.
I would sell my eggs to the local players, (for free as no money exists). But I’d charge extra as its all organic.
If any of you are thinking of pumping up the chickens with black ice steroids ill have you.

Plus, they would be running around outside, not locked in a box. But for the night they would run inside.

Other than gold/silver coins?

You can’t use them to trade with real players. So technically no.
No currency if you are looking for the precise terminology

Why can’t you use them to trade with real players? I mean, they probably wouldn’t be my go-to for bartering but I’d bet you could offer gold coins for items.

Yeh probably, not for a chicken egg though.
There should be a trading system implemented. A UI comes up where you can offer items and if they pay up with anything they would like to offer you, and if you both click to agree with the trade the items are automatically swapped in your inventory.

Once chickens roamed the land, graceful and majestic beasts that they were. THEN dramatic music The rabbits appeared, and over night not a single chicken to be seen, but the rabbit population has exploded. Don’t be fooled by their cute little face, behind those beady eyes lies evil in it’s rawest and purest form.

The rabbit asks not where are the chickens… For they know what they have done, Rest in poultry dear feathered creatures.