Where are the settings?

I run a dedicated server. Where are the settings to turn on the use of “Eldarium Stockpile”, “Bag of Essences”, and Wrapped Gift"??

Please help if you know.

Hmmm? Some modded stuff?

Sounds like it, certainly.

Sounds like something from the Dungeon Master Tools mod. Changelog states:
New features:

  • Implemented an item called “Admin Server Switch: Better Siptah Loot On/Off”. I made a number of new items and inserted them into the loot-tables for various Siptah-related loot. These items - when consumed - will give you NOTHING if the setting is OFF (which is the default) but will grant you various goodies when ON. These are “Wrapped Gift” (Grants 1 legendary DMT Weapon - follows the inclusion/exclusion rules set up if any), “Eldarium Stockpile” (grants 50-100 Decaying Eldarium), and “Bag of Essences” (Grants 1-5 Lesser, Unstable or Greater Essences).

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