Where can I find an exact armor temperature resistance table?

Title says it all, I’d like to know if such table exists and where can it be looked up. In a recent topic Sir Bowen rightly pointed out that the bars on resistance don’t accurately reflect the exact amount, so I’ve been looking around to find exact values to be able to wear proper combination of armor pieces for extreme weathers but haven’t found any info. Thanks in advance!.

As SirBowen would say: try it out. Then use simple maths to figure out, what value it is in reality and not some rounded ui representation…

Great mechanic /NOT

PS.: I also would like to know the exact values :wink:

2nd answer: It would be really great to have the values…

Just looking at this shield: https://conanexiles.gamepedia.com/Mistmourn
it says 20? 20 of what?? The ui scales to 5?

Or the Yoggite you mentioned in the other thread, has according to wiki 2:
But SirBowen said, it would have internally 0.5-0.6…

Or this flawless DLC chestpiece has 6:

But 6 of what, when the UI representation has 5 bars?!

That is what I mean, wiki values are not accurate at all (no pun intended). So I am forced to use the devkit, which I have no idea how to use or mess with. Again, time off my gaming time. If anyone had an excel sheet or something to download that would be amazing.

So, after a year and a half of the game beeing out, nobody has put a list together of the armor characteristics?. I guess we’re all playing without full knowledge of what we use. :smiley:

I agree it would be nice to have everything in big fancy table!

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