Where can I find spider eggs or baby spiders?



Wondering if anyone has found baby spiders or spider eggs yet and where did they find them?


There is a trader in floatsam, near buccaneer bay.
He stands on the highest platform.


i found a valley with spiders and spider eggs, to the east / southeast of The Summoning Place. (there is usually a huge boss spider lurking on the higher ground, which im guessing is best to avoid with my low level character, who cant even dent the Large Scorpion, or Large Crocodile lol) :slight_smile:


Below reply and other information is available on the Pet page of the Official wiki. Do let me know if there’s anything missing.

@ConanTheCook well found, but those aren’t related to the pets system.


oh those must be from a mod i have (i think LT farming)


Not at all, it’s very likely the Demon Spider.

What I meant is what is noted down in the Obtaining section; not all animals are tameable, nor do normal eggs hatch pets.


ah it could be, i think the eggs were also edible - i’ll have to check though as may be thinking of ostrich or crocodile eggs


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