Where can I find the pre-mounts version of the game?

Why you ask? Because I want to play with my dead single player savefile and play with it again. Witch is not working since the mounts update in December. I want to erase some stuff from it so maybe it could work with the latest version. Can someone help me?

piggy backing, make a copy of the save file and use it with the current build. See if it is what you want. IF not, then you may SoL :frowning:

If lucky, you might fine some…erm…non-paid version of the game in some website that devs do not support, if you know what i mean.

Ooooohhhh I know what you mean. :wink: But I need precisely the version that was the live version of the game on the 4th of December 2019. And I don’t really know where to search. :frowning: The most fresh I found was from August 2018. And I have some DLC builds in that savefile.

I must say your en-devour will not be an easy one. Finding versions of the game on the “high seas” is hard enough, but finding a very specific version to match the build you are wanting to resurrect, that’s going to be just shy of impossible. Not fully impossible and you may get lucky but I wish you God speed as one does not simply find exactly what they are looking for on the “high seas”

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