Where can I submit a ticket for my account

I can not find a place to submit a help ticket. When I go to funcom help site it has the tickets, but it requires you to pick the game and the conan pick only has player reporting. I want to submit a ticket for the following:

I preordered Conan on PlayStation so many years ago and bought all the dlcs as they became available but unfortunately the people I played with moved to computer so I’ve had to recently repurchase a lot of my games on pc. And even tho it sucks to have to repurchase everything I have done so for several games. Conan and all the dlcs being one of these. My issue is that the preorder I had for ps gave me Royal armor and that is what I always played with. I liked the look and the endurance buff. I wanted to submit a request for this to be part of the battle pass and/or the store so I can get it back for pc version or if I could somehow have a transfer from my playstation account. I plan to play on pc going forward and have already repurchased the dlcs. How can I get my armor back? Please do not respond with any post that tells me they are exclusive, unavailable, wont be part of the battle pass. I know this and am looking for where i can submit a ticket to funcom or I am looking for a moderator to answer me on the forum. Thank you!

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You already have your answer.

There’s also nowhere to submit a ticket for your specific request.

If you want the armour you’ll need to find another player to craft it for you and maintain it with repair kits.


Same with the Sword of Conan I got for preorder on ps4 some people say make it available other’s say don’t I would be happy to let it be available I’m probably the minority.

@PhoenixFlames @PhoenixFlames

yes. it think they would be able to see who had the items and who didn’t and if im spending double my money on repurchasing the game content then I should be able to transfer my special items as well

Not helpful to post something I already know. Looks like your posting just to post something. The question is where can i submit a ticket.

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