Where Did The Blue Motes In The Water Go?

As part of the Siptah update, one of the visual changes I noticed was the addition of free floating blue motes to the water that you saw when swimming around. I know it’s not a big deal with respect to game play, but I absolutely loved this particular visual update. It made the water seem so much more real and less flat.

Now, after logging in this morning and going to clean out my fish traps for the day, I noticed that the motes were gone. I death-ported to some of the other spawn points around the island and noticed this appears to be a universal change.

I completely understand that this isn’t a major change, but @Ignasi, was this an intended change?

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I checked on Official, the Motes still show for me, this is near Aslyum of the Outsiders, but I also checked near Harbor of the Drowned and Sweetwater

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Yeah. I can see them again now. I guess it was just a temporary problem with my machine.

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