Where does DedicatedServerLauncher get its time info?

The time in my logs is 6 hours earlier than the actual time. Where does your software pull its time from? Can’t be from local machine. And can’t be from region setting. I’m set to North America. We only have 4 time zones, sort of. But my server is showing a 6 hour difference. How can I set the server to local time?
My major concern is my purge settings. They are set to 1800-2200 and I don’t know when that will be.

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Its probably Oslo time. Probably from the connection to FLS and that must be where the server that handles stuff like the encounters and things is.

Your purge setting is based on the time zone area you have set. Ignore the dedi time. If you set it to 0 -America (or whatever it says) then its eastern and you have it set from 6-10pm.

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