Where in Khitai do you get Esteem tokens?

It’s kind of bizarre one must jump through hoops to change your hair or tattoos.

Can someone please advise EAXCTLY where you get Esteem Tokens, as all the walkthroughs, wikias etc are extremely non-specific about this.

Which enemy drops, quest rewards, etc?

Thanks in advance

You can get those from khitai quests and 6 man dungeons, also I believe mobs in the khitan zones drop them randomly.

Thanks, do you know which quests or mobs? The lack of information is hard for someone trying to get into this game so late in the day.

Tipically they are quest rewards for the non-faction repeatables, there are several of them in Mei-Dianwafu (the rats village), in Northern Grasslands.

Thank you, I appreciate it.

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