Where is my armor for buying the game before release

I was playing game before release. Was under the impression that we got Conan’s armor on release. I have looked everywhere I can’t find it. Is there a code I need to enter.

I apologize for the inconvenience. Which platform are you on?

Xbox one I looked in crafting can’t find it anywhere

I’ve got the same isue on PC, got the game basically the day after EA release and there is no DLC on my account (it was gifted by a friend though because he bought it 3 times first and asked if i wanted to play it with him afterwards)

The armor was delayed on Xbox due to an issue with delivery. You should receive a code within a week:


Thanks just one more question where and how will the code come to me

We’re not certain how this will play out yet. We’ll know more in the near future and will post here on the forums if anything special is required on the player’s end.

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