Where is my Dono'Thelpup?

Dear Funcom. Is that a bad joke ??? Where is my Dono’Thelpup?
I found him a week ago. He had a firm position in my base and was always there. Today I log in and he is gone. Also in the lists of my thrall pots he is not to be found. Only he is gone, no one else. My strongest thrall with a legendary Greatsword, 798 armor and 9900 life.
Should I believe that this is a coincidence? I do not think so!

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You need to provide more information here.

First things first. Check your log, see what it says about thralls. If it says “xxxxxx returned home”, then you have three questions:

Did you take your thrall out and about?
Did you tell your thrall to guard anywhere else while out of the fort?
When you returned, did you just have the thrall stop following, or did you tell it to guard its spot?

These are the first, most basic questions. Because, if the answer to all three is yes, yes, and stop following, then your thrall simply went back to the last spot you told him to guard. If you return to where you told him to guard, he will be standing there.

Unless, of course, the log says he died, and it will say what killed him.

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I was about to answer when suddenly a server restart was announced. Official EU servers. Very unusual at this time. So I thought, wait a moment. After the restart, he is suddenly back in place. Thanks for your time.

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