Where is serpentmans bow?

  1. why there is no hight tear craftble bows on exiles land ? except khari bow wich cost is uncomparable with top tear spear or axe(lemurian) or black ice sword… u add totally unbalanced (for exile lands) spear with hight dmg and unlimit poison (zath) but u cant add some bow?

mb it is bug or u just forgot about adding some obsidian or serpentman bows or lemurian idk? how it can be that u add obsidian and serpentsman arrows but not bow? even NPC have serpentsman bow LOL

  1. or if u wont add it - how about attach cooldown of boss summoning “fires” in khari dungeon to server settings of npc respawn?

  2. Gremlin sigil dont work with jhebbel sag religion. 100% +1 sacred blood from evey corpse, when human hearts with set knife can be harvest +3


Yeah, where are my bows? Archers have just a dragonbone bow and overpriced khari bow on exiles land


And give them good stats. For example damage 25 and penetration 15-18 %. Already enough weak bows :bow_and_arrow:

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Better bows is a must

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