Where is the building optimization?

Christmas and current focus (last patch update was posted in testlive on 7/12/2018 same day this was posted.

and i quote :


We have been working on faster loading times and general optimizations for buildings. Conan Exiles has hardly any limits in place for how big you can build, and we are especially excited to have you test these improvements. " We will write more about this and show you just how much faster your loading times will be once this patch is going to TestLive next week. "

this came from the community letter was posted dec 7, 2018 , (11 days ago)

again, do not commit fixes and things, within a time frame if you cant deliver. this is another example of disorganization inside funcom.

i also assume you guys are not releasing the purge “fixes” before Christmas ? in this case it was a possibility. but no harm asking.

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IF they say yes or no on the purge fix before Christmas, wouldn’t that be committing to a time frame?

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they could say , not ready, and it will be released when its ready. point is commit if they can make it before the deadline. (deadline that in the case of building optimization was already given, and not met)

we are only 6 days away from Christmas, so at this point they should know if it will make it or not, (i believe it will not), and regarding that purge fixes the letter says clearly they will TRY to make it before Christmas. hence question.

regarding the building optimization, its crystal clear that they did not made it into their own time frame, reason why i am asking .and also providing feedback. the least they could do is to let people know within the time frame that something came up, and provide an update, clearly stating it will be taking more time (this was not the case, they said and then forgot!)

(couple edits for clarification)

They are doing final testing and preparation for the TestLive patch to go out.

One reason for it not being out yet is because we are trying to get the Purge fixes in as well because we know it’s an important aspect for many players. Not to mention it is a risk to patch before the holidays, even if it’s “just” TestLive and we want as much time to test as possible. It also means we only have to patch once and not twice.
Since some of these systems are very interdependent, in this case it’s actually safer to try to get them out in one go.

It is an example of the developers being human and working hard to get something out on TestLive for the players to enjoy. More than they initially had planned because we, the community team has been asking to add more content that you, the community has been asking for (ie the Purge fixes).

Since this answers the OP I will also lock this thread.