Where is the community engagement?

What is false about what I said exactly.

Nice passive ad-hominem.

unofficial things, are… unofficial

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Ad-hominen is when someone attack to you (as a person), not to your statment or ideas. Cheers!

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That right there. This is false. I’ve given you two resources so you can see how wrong you are.

It’s a dev tracker, not that complicated. Be thankful there are volunteers who run such things.

If you refuse to use them and plug your ears and claim Funcom doesn’t respond to any post besides “trolling” the community, that’s your call.


that seems personal.

There are a lot of posts in the PlayStation Bugs section, where people have been communicating several issues encountered after the latest update.

I have not seen very many responses from Community Staff acknowledging the awareness or planned activity to address these issues.


Hey Rollo, @Ignasi is walking the plank over there, and somehow keeping me restrained from making obvious Poop Deck jokes. I think that’s better than good enough without being heavy-handed.

May I just ask you for a little patience regarding feedback? Often in Support Groups it’s best to err on the side of silence rather than make several confusing posts. Considering you have brought up the Pirate Outfit, in my judgment there’s a nexus; the devs are releasing a patch fairly soon-ish that might actually roll up several of these issues. In which case, it’s always better to err on the side of “something is coming.”


Hi! As mentioned earlier in the thread, we are only so many people and we cannot reply to literally every topic or bug report in the forum. As Multigun posted, there is a dev tracker site players built where you can see what we’re posting and where (https://devtrackers.gg/conan-exiles) and I have been looking into how we can effectively re-implement a dev tracker for the forums itself.

It’s a little tricky since we have a bunch of games on this forum so some of our posts may show up from other categories (such as posts about downtimes or seasonal events in the MMOs), but the information is available to you as a player.


Fun. The word you’re looking for is fun. People in that particular thread are having fun. The “trolling” you mention is entirely consensual on both sides. So, regardless of whether your other grievances are valid or not, can we please let people have fun?


Fair point.


Funny, I literally put a Pippi musiqbox in Camp Castaways the other day and it plays Rick Atsley, ‘Never Gonna Give You Up’ when a player approaches.

Way off topic, or is it?

The community team does a wonderful job.


I would disagree @AndyB . If other Dev studios can engage in conversation with their communities on their forums then Funcom can as well. Look at Standing Stone Games they have less of a team then you yet they manage to engage their customers.


@Sloegin That is not what he said, he mentioned they cannot engage 24/7, they do a great job of replying to the critical issues IMO.
I get that everyone thinks they are the “critical” issue, but it is not the case. I would say that over 80% of the issues are client side configurations or weak hardware.
If you just need conversation, makes friends IRL or buy a parrot.


I am not talking about issues but humanizing Funcom in general. Just copy & paste puts them in a bad light they need to join in on the conversations. They have to meet the community halfway to humanize themselves and the company. Industry legend Raph Koster would agree.

History has shown that this community isn’t capable of handling that. Whenever Funcom does “join in the conversation”, all they get is relentlessly attacked. Been seeing this for over 3 years. Hundreds of examples (but of course, you all think they never respond to anything, so why am I even bringing it up). And as Andy said they cannot respond to every single thread 24:7

A back and forth fun meme thread where both players and Funcom are having fun still results in “FuNcOm sUx.” Heck, even the copy and paste responses you are griping about get complained about specifically because they didn’t copy and paste a response in (insert thread here).

Though it’s not only here. Gamers across the industry think that attacking and demanding and threatening is the only way to communicate to dev teams.

Bottom line is, they are already doing what you think they aren’t and getting constantly slammed for it. And I’m well aware I’m not going to change your mind.


I came to the feedback section, to share my feedback.

I did not go into the ‘fun’ post to make a stink, because, well, you were all having fun, and it wasn’t appropriate to derail that post, in my opinion.

from my perspective, it was frustrating to see a lot of bugs/feedback posts in the PlayStation section, and not a lot of acknowledgement, ie “We are aware of the issue, and are investigating, or " this is operating as intended.” While at the same time, there were Community members actively participating in a ‘fun’ thread.

I am arguably more sensitive to this issue, as some of these things are affecting me directly, and negatively impacting my gameplay experience.

I think that if there were an issue with the game that directly affected you as a player, your perspective might be a bit different.

Good day all, this will be my last post in this thread.


We are all affected by bugs now and again.

How many times do you expect people to repeat themselves?

Do you expect the community team to respond to 10 tickets all regarding the same thing 10 times? No. Sometimes people need to stop being lazy and use the forum search option before posting.


We do not copy paste our responses in public threads. But there is also only so many ways one can convey the same message without sounding repetitive and some players may feel it is that way. It is the nature of the beast.

We try to reply to as many threads as we can, but at the same time, we cannot offer the level of attention and detail that suits everyone. We try to do our best, and likewise, most of our community is also excellent at keeping in the loop.

We do also like to engage in fun topics every now and then. The forums are a place for constructive conversation, both for the good and bad moments. And to that point, they are a place for conversation for you our players as well. We will continue to contribute to those topics as we feel it is important to engage in positive conversation.


To add to Ignasi’s reply; we get where the complaint comes from, but it’s the nature of the beast, as mentioned. We cannot realistically reply to every single bug report topic that pops up, and we can only urge yall to understand that us not posting in a topic does not mean we haven’t seen it (and on the flipside, since we’re ultimately human, sometimes we do miss stuff, so sometimes we need a prod).

What we’re doing in the ‘fun’ thread is very much the definition of “Community Engagement” and is absolutely a part of our jobs, in addition to being a funny diversion. This is a forum about a video game, after all - we should be having some fun. :stuck_out_tongue:

Does this mean everything’s being handled perfectly? Of course not. We’re aware there’s issues and we’re thankful for your reports, and we’ll always continue considering improvements on how information is collected and presented to everyone.


I don’t spend a ton of time on the forums, a bit more lately. But I’ve seen the devs respond to several threads. Have to say I think they do a fine job of reaching out to the players. Seems to me that a lot of gamers just focus on the negative all the time.


I think part of the issue is the replies from cm gets lost in a thread pretty quickly. The forum members are quick to reply and the cm post can get pushed into the traffic really quickly before the ones wanting to see it have to sift the thread.

@AndyB @Ignasi
Have y’all thought about a way to tag official responses in a way they can be posted in a dev tracker read only section.
IE, tag “official” and tat response will automatically copy and post in that thread. Allowing those looking for that answer to more easily find it. And this tag is only acvailable to the cm of the forum.

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