Where is the old test live forum?

Where is the test live forum archive?

The link from the old forum just redirects here.

The testlive forums was not planned to have a visible archive after it got shut down. If you need some thread recoverd from testlive forum, let us know and we will get it over here.

Can the instructions on how to gain access to the testlive server please be posted over to these forums.
But it is difficult to ask for any other information to be copied over as we can no longer access them to make links to those threads.

This, assuming test live is even a thing anymore.

I can’t think of anything specific but there was more useful information that came from various threads than was ever on the main forum.

In particular, I’d like the following thread copied here :

The same type of thread was made for each archetype, it’d be good to have it here too.

By any chance maybe you can give me there some T3 crafted weapons, i really want to test them and know if they are worth it:)