Where is the PS4 Patch?

What’s the alternative though? I want to play a survival game in the conan universe and unless someone wants to start making one right now then I’m stuck with this.

People keep comparing Funcom to games made by Blizzard, Ubisoft, Rockstar, EA, which has thousands of more staff and millions more in cash to finish a product to an expected standard.

I am not happy the game came out like it did and I agree the game was released too early and had way too many bugs in it. Was that the developers decision or was it the share holders putting pressure on them or were they running out of money we may never know. Sadly in this day and age the devs have less control and it’s the money makers/investors behind these games that get to pull the strings (think of the amount of games that have online shops these days which are all money grabbing techniques).

They should have had early access on the PS4 like they did on the other platforms, it would have taken a 12 year old about 1 minute to find one of the easier ones like the stamina bug so I’m not sure how they missed that. If it was a funcom decision or a Sony decision not to have early access on the PS4 I have no idea.

Funcom wasn’t the first and won’t be the last to release a game in this state, sadly that’s how the games industry works just now. I really enjoy playing the game and want to see It succeed, posting comments demanding a refund and threatening to sue is not going to promote a civil conversation and have the devs engage with you. Instead reporting the bugs properly would help speed the process up.


I think the lack of early access on PS4 was due to Sony’s policy of not allowing it. The same with the patch… Sony needs to certify it first… which is poor in these circumstances… I think I’ve been lucky as I have been playing since launch solo and on a private server and has been relatively bug free.
I’ve been following the game since early access so knew this would be buggy, but this didn’t stop me from buying and enjoying the game.
It does seem the industry as a whole releases games a little early without polish with the exception of CD Project Red who have always stated that they will hold a release back till it’s fully polished which imo is how it should be and I am really looking forward to Cyberpunk 2077.


Any date for the patch??

Sony does allow early access, alphas, betas, you name it, ive played a ton of them. Tera had an open beta and early access, lots of games did. The problem is that Microsoft pays publishers to either delay or withhold content on the PS4.

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i agree waiting for the update.So many things wrong with the game and now I can’t seem to plant any of the Lotus Flowers.

Are you using the potent compost or the regular compost? Lotus needs the potent. I’m not having an issue on ps4.


Just try to ignore people like him, they are the singular reason the industry is in the condition its in. The “aw shame, poor money grabbers take my money and everything will be ok” attitude is borderline pathetic. Not worth arguing with. More success talking to a brick wall.

Well that’s nice, I presume the parity patch that was sent for cert first thing friday?.. or was it ? :slight_smile:

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Open beta is different to early access… a beta is basically when you stress Test servers and the game is at almost a full release.Early access is when you release a game and Grant users access so they can play it and feed back any issues they find… having a beta over a weekend probably wouldn’t of shown as many bugs.

Yeah some people just completely miss the point. These problems, almost all of them have been known for a long time. Some cropping up over a year ago on PC EA and are still present. The point is that there was just zero care given.

WHY there was zero care and WHY there was still bugs present is not a consumers problem. Whether there was “pressure from above” or “no time” or “no cash” is a complete irrelevance to a paying customer.

What really leaves a bad taste though, they put this out with the complete knowledge that it was at the alpha stage and decided to charge close to premium prices for it.

EDIT: Just be to be clear, when I say “they” i’m not specifically talking about the game developers. I’m specifically talking about whoever had power of the release and who’s decision it was to release. I am almost certain that when anyone here say “devs” or targets their anger it is always at the person(s) who had decisive control. If that was in this case the game developers so be it.

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I will try it.Thanks for the that

Hey, how not to forget dress and hair physics completely died? (PS4 offline player)
Tried to reload, to fall from a cliff, to remove bracelet, to knee/kill/dive/stab/sink/flush/fack/jump/doubleJump/climb/no to climb and everything does not come to my mind in this moment but… nothing to do.
All npc dresses and hairs move normally, protagonsit does not. It moves in menù but NOT in game.
Jeezus guy, is there a single aspect of this game that works?

At some times I question this so called certification process, H1Z1 been out about a week and has had a patch almost everyday, how is that? I’ve notice this with other games as well


i’ve replaced PS4 pro disk with samsung evo 850, it’s removed random ‘long’ freezes, but ‘small’ one are still appears during traveling, cause bases and craftable object are getting loaded not like other environment, but more like players only in ~300-500 meter radius and i believe, without any lod

Many thanks it workt.

No. They said they wanted it to be multiply your harvesting but not be self sustaining.

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I remebered the video I saw on YouTube where they tested the game on PS4.

Final sentence was something like
“And as you see it works properly and solid on PS4”

Haha, sure.


Yeah with my experience with Warframe it takes until that day midnight for patch to drop. This can vary I guess, but sony seem to have a 12 hour turnaround.

CThe gamespot review was kinda funny tbh. Got a whopping 3.

“Conan Exiles is one of the most unsatisfying games I’ve ever played”

The exiled lands can be quite pretty to look at at times

Bugs, bugs and more bugs
Confusing UI makes inventory management a nightmare
Crafting system is dense but unintuitive
Combat is sluggish, unexciting, and poorly executed
Resource gathering is a tedious and unfulfilling process

Goes on and on. I actually laughed at how bad the review was.

Also,is this true about DLC in June? If so, I really hope it’s not going to cost anything.

Topic is no longer constructive with tons of accusations and defamation being thrown around. The devs have stated it’s being worked on and a patch will come in due time.