Where is the PS5 support section?

my guess is there isnt even testing done on PS5 atm. the specs for a PS5 are current 2023 PC level and yet it is limited to PS4 specs. the game should be removed from the PS5 game shop until it works, at least the siptah expansion imo.

PS5 is stuck in performane mode, quality mode does not work atm. they need to add 3 or more modes low, med, hi (PS5) or something of the sort. playing siptah without leaves on the trees spoils the game… wheres the fiber (and on exile lands, wheres the glowing goop).

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The tree’s on Siptah have been bare on and off for months on ps4 and the other platforms also from what I have read on Forum @Castle117c .

what i see is PS5 is being held back by PS4 support. i gave up on PS4 CE years ago. too much gas lighting by support at the time. PC version is great, the game is fun all around on the PC.

over and out on playstation. i’ll eat the cost of a broken PS Siptah expansion as a tip for funcom, but you owe me now…

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