Where is The Storehouse?

Was watching a youtube play (Age of Conan Unchained | Journey to Max Level [Rogue: Assassin] - Part 5) and he ends up doing what looks like a solo dungeon in Cimmeria, and hits a res-pad that says he discovered “Storehouse.” At the end of the run (in the next video after the one linked) the final boss is an elite named Heimdall but he has 4 NPCs helping him so he can solo it (tagged as members of clan Vigdis?)

Where is this place? I’m pretty familiar with Conall’s Valley but I’m totally unfamiliar with any solo dungeons other than the Spider Caves.

Anyone know?

Sounds like the final boss of ‘Shadow of Vanaheim’ adventure pack.

The Clan Vigdis is the main faction there and for the final you have a horn you can use to summon minions to help fight.

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