Where is this MOD?

Does anyone know if there is a MOD for releasing builds from ownership?

that may not make sense.

what I am looking for is a MOD that will allow me to build dungeons and castles and things like that, fill them with thralls and beasts, and then release it from ownership so I can take my trebs and destroy the castles or run dungeons and so on as a non member/owner.

if this exists please point me to it. if not, and you enjoy making mods, ehhh, might be a good one? idk.

I am assuming you are playing solo? If so, you can build all that stuff and do the steps to finish the game. That will delete your toon and allow you to create another that won’t own the structures or thralls. Just make sure to turn off decay.

One other thing. Once you end the game, make a copy of the saved folder so when you are finished destroying everything, you don’t have to rebuild. You can restart with a different toon.

I like that idea. I will try that thanks.

Have you tried creating a clan with just yourself in it, building, then leaving the clan?