Where is undead rhinoceros?

Hello guys. I can’t seem to find undead rhinoceros anywhere. And since i want to play necromancer theme it’s kind of important for me. Couldn’t find it in battle pass or bazaar.
Can you guys tell me where it is ?

It’s a ritual you perform at the new summoning circle for sorcery.

No. That abyssal mount (rhino).
I am looking specidicly for undead rhino skin. Same as undead horse. But i have undead horse in battle pass.

There is no undead rhino in the game at the moment

I believe it will be available in the bazaar. It just hasn’t rotated in yet.

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I have seen them from youtubers. Show casing it as a preview for battle pass. But it was in test live.
Just wanted to see if i am the only one missing it.
Thank you guys.

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