Where is Wing 3 raid finder at?

As the title says. Anyone knows the answer?

I am not sure what you mean. The RF instance of T2-W3 is reached (like any other RF instances) by signing up on the Group finder for the weekly raid. After you accept your invitation and the raid is full, you get ported there automatically. No need to actually go to the Black Ring Citadel.

Hope that was what you asked.


It should be W3 this week, but for some reason it’s lower floor instead.

Nope, it’s not what I asked.


Wing 3 was added later to RF originally. It just seems like they forgot to port it to the remade group finder


doesnt sound something funcom couldve done, nope, never

Haha. Why am I not surprised?

Considering they made it an achievement, it’s something they will need to patch back.

Like they did make a quest an achievement, whichs questgiver is no longer in the game and which can only be obtained by sharing, and which can only be solved by a GM?

I missed that one, which quest is it? :rofl:

PM - don’t want to spoil secrets here in the open :wink:

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