Where the hell are my food decos

My table has been un-set for YEARS. The pieces are in the game files. They’ve already been listed on the wiki. Until those decos show up, I ain’t buyin’ SHIT.

Those are what I want, and I know I’m not the only one. Set the table or take your store and cram it.


Yep. Was massively disappointed these weren’t available. Especially after 3 extra weeks of the bloody magic set.

I did get the Gurnakhi set, but nothing else really interested me. I know others were waiting for the Aesir set, so I’m glad they got their items. I really want that banquet set though. :+1:t2:



You forgot to say the magic word.

I think it will become available at some point before the next battlepass, but I also fear that the price will be very high since they know a lot of people want an item like that since nothing like it exist in the game except for mods :grin:


This guy must be starving hangry.

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Everything in the bazaar is highly priced. I doubt the banquet set will be an exception.

I find it pointless complaining about the prices. It’s extra content on a game that I’ve spent a lot of time since day one of release. I’ve spent some money on this game (2 physical copies on PS4, 1 digital on PS5, plus all the DLC packs) but it’s also kept me entertained and given me an escape from life’s adversities enough that I’m happy to help support the developers. It’s the only way I can say thank you.

With all that said, I want my bloody decorative food. :joy:

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