Where to go from here (DLC wise)

So my friend and I have been playing for about 3 weeks or so. We run a private vanilla server. When we bought the game, we bought the base game + Isle of Siptah on a packaged deal on Steam. (Or Isle of Siptah was just discounted or something). Anyway, we’ve made it out of the desert biome and into the highlands biome. We decided to use a connecting cave for temp shelter to gather/craft until we make another shelter. I was just wondering if anyone could provide some input on what DLC we should be getting at this point.

We didn’t want to drop over $100 for the entire thing before we knew how we’d like the game or not. But it’s awesome, we’re having a great time and I’m already level 60. So I feel like we may be missing out on some things we can only get with DLC. We’re using Ancient weapons, steel tools, and mostly Vanir fur/Aquilonian armor. I also don’t want to buy it all at once still. I’m thinking of just buying here or there.

I also feel that maybe the DLC is mostly for aesthetics at this point. Would that be an accurate assumption? If so I’ll just look at the weapons/armor of each one and decide on my own. Thanks!

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The ones I use a ton of

Blood and Sand for arena foundations
Nemedian for cobblestone castle look
Khitan for interior walls
Derketo for treehouse foundations
Riders for stable

Come to think of it, I use most of them. The one I use the least is Savage Lands and then followed by Seekers of the Dawn (but the walls work really really well with stormglass and they have pet skins and probably the prettiest stairs)

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Mostly 99% yes. Handful of building pieces that can offer help. (tree top foundation is handy)
Stables has low door ways 1 and 2 wide. You can hop over, and keep assorted critters out.

2 wide is basiclly a gate, thats not super tall.

Arena Doors are bars, can be seen thru, (not clicked thru) Stable has Lattice pieces, (see thru) when you want to avoid windows. (which can be clicked thru, but lattice can not)
Great way to see past your walls.

But from that, few of armors had bonuses. (3.0 will adjust that even more) Not really worth it.

You pretty much buy for the Looks, Mostly if your really into building.

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In 3.0 update which is really near, all these will change… So i advice u to wait untill 3.0 will hit live BEFORE u and ur friend decide if u like the game and want to invest more…

Gamewise all dlcs except ios (which is pay to win) r exactly the same with only the aesthetic part changing. Armours used to provide stat bonuses , but this will no longer be a thing in 3.0 so do not buy based on this…

Other than that the weapons r also an aesthetic thing with all of dlc weapons (again the 1st dlc under tencent -isle of siptah- is an exception as u can obtain there weapons and gear way stronger than in vanilla game) r the same. They all (except ios) have two versions an iron one (with all stats being same as iron weapons in game) and star metal versions (which all have same stats as star metal equivalents in vanilla game)…

Also i would like to mention that u have a lot of content to unlock in game (armours, weapons, tools etc…) So u have a long way to go before u deplete options ingame…

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Awesome info, ty! We will be doing quite a bit of building. We came from Valheim haha. I think I may go ahead and get the Peoples of the Dragon pack for now and hold off until 3.0 as Ragnaguard has suggested.

Thank you, I appreciate the info! I will definitely wait for the most part. Although People of the Dragon kind of has me interested so I may get just that one.

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They will provide other bonuses, though.

But yes, given with 3.0 we’re (finally!) getting a “transmog system” (meaning you can change the looks without changing the stats), DLC packs are finally going to be purely aesthetic. They’re all well worth the price of admission, but you’re definitely right to take them on one at a time, even so. Unless a sale comes 'round :slight_smile:


A solid choice. The building set is amazing. I used to love the arena DLC but the Nemedian one is so much better. The other DLC I use often is the stable one, it has some unique building pieces that work quite well with other building sets.


Agreed, I’d suggest getting that one (Riders of Hyboria) 2nd or 3rd

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Sweet! Thanks guys. I’m gonna go ahead and get the Dragon pack now and then sdoonish I’ll probably get Riders of Hyboria as suggested. Appreciate it!

Btw, I found this video just now. It is a very good overview of what is what and might be helpful for you and others:

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