Where would one find Derkheto Priests?

Derkheto Priests seem to be in hiding…any clues?

I’ve seen many topics on this and as far as everyone knows… They ain’t in the game, which majorly blows.

Yeh, kinda hard to man the shrines without them.

Ill say it once again very nice false advertising on the conan launch trailer. I don’t understand why they didn’t make the new religion fully release but I guess to them people would freak out if the trailer only highlighted the new biomes and combat system.

As i read you’l get your Derketo priest from Purge.

Ahh…Thanks!, makes sense…sort of. :slight_smile:

Currently they are not found anywhere on the map I know of but a purge in the jungle seems to have them very often

It’s a known issue which will hopefully be fixed soon.

Warpaint will be updated with the parity patch, which is coming very soon. We’ve update the spawn rate of Lemurian (Derketo) priests, but it’s not out on live yet. Stat potions should also be updated in the parity patch. Blockquote

Source for that, please?

It’s on their twitter account

Lovely, especially since I’ve still yet to see a purge. :\

i’m too… (- but i still think it’s an elegant solution

Hard to find. Thanks a lot!

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I honestly would not mind that solution if purges worked. I love enslaving thralls, I don’t know why, it’s just what I enjoy doing in this game. I also love giving them out to people that need them. With that said, I was extremely excited to find that you could possibly find rare thralls during the purge. One tends to lose excitement, though, when purges never happen. :\

And i guess that all in the clan is offline wht the purge comes to…

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