Where's the fungone funcom

Game mode: Singleplayer]
Problem: [Crash | Bug | Performance | Misc]
Region: EU

I apologise for yet another rant and this maybe a long post but I want explain my full experience of this game.
I started this game on single player co-op with a couple of friends and played for about 3 weeks evenings and weekends with no problems except the loss of bodies and everything on them which I found annoying but little did I know what was to come.
I was playing on my own one evening when the game froze and I got a blue screen with an error code (can’t remember code sorry) and a message saying save data corrupted but I could load a back dated file or something so I did. When it loaded I had lost my entire original building and everything it contained every other building/structure was sill there but they were either completely or partially unowned.
I got over it and rebuilt only for the game to crash again this time only losing minor structures but losing ownership of more buildings and all work stations. I could still use work stations so carried on cautiously in case I lost anything kept in said work stations only for the game to crash a third time leaving everything unowned and now had resources i.e. Trees bushes and rocks respawning through the buildings like they weren’t there.
At this point I decided to restart completely even though I was lvl 41 and half way to completing the map room and I used the admin commands to rebuild base back to where I was things were looking good until I found the fish traps weren’t working ( they spawned 1or 2 fish and when harvested didn’t spawn anymore ) and the fluid presses wouldn’t press anything to give oil (fish or hide) the fish rotted and hide just sat there with nothing in the crafting queue but the would press berries and heads. The final straw which lead to this rant was when I did the run into the city to get the cartographer skill off the archivist only to find he’s not there. Now I can spawn in oil and the map room via the admin panel but where’s the sense of achievement for building such a large and important structure? and the archivist is part of the main quest so how do I continue? Where does it end do I just sit in my base spawning everything in to complete the game? Where’s the fun in that FUNcom?
I can’t understand how this game got through the testing phase with this many issues and every time u “fix” something you seem to break 2 others.

PS after the last 2 crashes my journey was reset.
PPS the slow rendering and sound issues aren’t game breakers so please prioritise your fixes

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Yep, I hear you and have felt your pain. I’ve had to start over twice or three times, I don’t remember anymore. But yeah, I’m no pro or dev but how are things being missed with such frequency? This game needs to very thoroughly be tested. And yeah, every update/patch introduces new issues big and small. At some point I’d would like to see this game fully FUNctional.